Third Thursday Challenge Wrap-up: January


It’s time to wrap up the Third Thursday Challenge for January! The link will be open until midnight  – you still have time to join in.

Black and white continues to have its hold on me. Over half my Project 365 images for January have been converted to those 256 shades of gray. By silencing the color, my images seemed to have gained something more – the other elements now have a stronger voice with which to speak. Thank you for listening.

And thank you to all the January TTC participants – your challenges inspired and delighted me. You have made this monthly feature the inspirational place that I hoped it would be when I dreamed up the concept.

Be sure to mark your calendar for next month – the Third Thursday Challenge will return on February 21 with another opportunity to step outside your comfort zone.

As a final bonus to the Photoshop users out there, check out this tutorial from MCP Actions for a unique way to convert your images to black and white. The image above was converted using this method.


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  1. I think you are correct about the power of B&W–that eliminating the color allows other elements to shine. In your case, the exceptional compositions, lines, design.

    • Anita – thanks so much! I am definitely feeling a strong attraction to B&W. Perhaps it is partly the season – everything outside is devoid of color, so it seems easier to see in monochrome. This has been a good challenge for me – I plan to continue exploring further.

  2. This is such a gorgeous..and perfectly simple graphic. Amazing architectural detail..shadow..light. Well seen!!

    • Marcie – one of my favorite architectural entrances in downtown Canton. And when the sunlight hits it just right – wondrous shadows.

  3. The shadow of the columns are wonderful! I don’t do a lot of B&W, but I love the contrast in a well-done B&W like this one! I enjoy reading the posts from TTC! Lots of inspiration out there. Thanks for hosting this!

    • Cathy – Hosting is a pleasure – I gain so much from both my own challenges as well as what others attempt each month. It has been a great learning experience for me – a safe place to try new things.

  4. Delightful image filled with shapes, lines and contrasts Brenda–excellent B&W!

    • Thanks Chris. Black/white and I are definitely getting along these days. Your BW work has always been a huge inspiration so it is doubly gratifying to have you comment on my monochrome experiments.

  5. Brenda, I think b&w suits your style so well , and I’ve really enjoyed seeing your recent images. This one is lovely — the stairs ( or is it the shadow of stairs?) and column are so perfectly juxtaposed. Beautiful lines. Thanks for encouraging all of us to try new things. Happy weekend!

    • Thanks Gina. I am enjoying this foray into black and white – it does seem to suit my style and subject matter. I plan to explore further. Believe me – I have gained so much from hosting the challenges. Having this monthly commitment to trying something new has been such a great thing for my art. Thanks for coming along.

  6. Such a stunning image. It’s amazing how there can be so much “there” within a small space, with a black and white palette. Lovely.

    • Lisa – I am quite taken with places like this – where someone took the time to create an office entrance that is something special, through attention to detail and adding architectural treats. Then you throw in some sunshine and shadow – and voila! this is the result.

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