Wise Words Sunday

Walking Joy

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride?
‘Ride,’ Pleasure said;
‘Walk,’ Joy replied.”

William Henry Davies


Have you joined in with this month’s Third Thursday Challenge yet? There’s still time – the link will be open through the end of January. How will you push yourself this month?


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  1. Excellent quote to go with this image!

    Before I read the quote, I was debating whether or not I liked the walk sign in the window reflection. I was tending against, but the quote changes that.

    The reflections are intricate and gorgeous. Of course, I love that color.

    Unsure about the inclusion of the brick at the bottom.

    • Anita – as always, I appreciate your input. Normally, I would avoid signs and other evidence of humankind, going for the completely abstract look. But I have captured these wavy reflctions numerous times and was experimenting with something new. I kind of liked that neon green pedestrian sign, poking its way into that sea of teal-green distortions. A learning experience. Perhaps only mildly successful but a lesson nonetheless.

  2. HA! I’m right there with ‘JOY’. Love it (and the image you’ve uncovered while walking)!!!

    • Yes, a definite tribute to my daily photo walks. Everyday, I am reminded of the fact that, for me, “seeing” requires the slow contemplation of walking.Things are different from that vantage point.

  3. I’m so in love with that image Brenda, it’s gorgeous. Great quote too. :0)

    • Thanks Kathryn! These windows are reflection generators – green-tinted wavy glass which distort the nearby trees into abstract frequency waves. Hard to resist.

  4. I love this! The sign just made me smile and you have the perfect quote to go with it!! I also love the reflections in the second pane from the left. They look like buildings the person has just walked by.

    • Cathy – keeping the sign in the image was an experiment for me. Normally, I would avoid it or clone it out. So, I’m glad to learn it made you smile.

  5. I’m glad you kept the sign, Brenda. It really works well with the image and the quote. Those wavy lines are fascinating! I’m a walker too, and it does bring me great joy.

    p.s. I plan to link up this week. 🙂

    • Gina – Thanks! I am still slightly unsure about the sign vs no sign with this image but it did provide the right forum for using this quote. My daily photo walks are one of my greatest pleasures. They have allowed me to discover amazing beauty here in my hometown, where I least expected it.

  6. This image is spell-binding, Brenda! Wow! And, the quote, thought-provoking. Wonderful discernment of the difference between joy and pleasure. Very interesting. I still trying to decide if I agree! 🙂

    • Juli – well, whether you describe it as “joy” or “pleasure”, walking has provided me with so many positives. It is now completely intertwined with my photography and the way I see as a photographer. It is part of the slow, meditative nature of the creative process for me. I’m glad to have made you think and consider.

  7. Fabulous image, love the green tones and reflections, and the perfect quote to go with it – I was thrown by the inclusion of the sign as it was so unexpected but it works so perfectly with the quote. Great job.

    • Becs – I suppose it is a good thing to surprise people, once in a while. Surprise ourselves too. By seeing if something that isn’t the norm can work creatively. My first inclination was to exclude the sign – but I’m glad now that I left it in. It provided the perfect vehicle for this quote.

  8. A ride might not have seen this amazing image. Thomas Merton said, “Take more time, cover less ground.”

    • Kim – oh, that Merton quote is the perfect accompanient to this. I have proven that idea many, many times. Places that I pass while driving, which appear to hold absolutely NO promise of image possibilities, completely change when viewed while walking.

  9. So very nicely composed–the distorted walking man is such a cool element in this abstract shot. Love it!

    • Chris – I struggled with the set-up for this shot. Finding a way to include the walking man but not anything else was somewhat of a challenge. And I wasn’t even sure the addition of the sign worked – so I appreciate the positive comment.

  10. What a fascinating image! I love it. And a perfect quote to match.

    • Lisa – thanks – and for the Twitter plug as well 🙂 As I’ve discussed in the other comments, I wasn’t sure about keeping the sign. Photography is all about learning what to include as well as what to exclude from the frame. I’m often still not sure. So it is good to have a safe place to test out these ideas. And it did give me a chance to use this quote.

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