The 2012 Countdown: Day 5

“Clouds are the sky’s imagination.”

Terri Guillemets



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  1. Fantastic quote and your images are gorgeous – love the 3 different cloud and reflection combinations, beautiful.

  2. Such a beautiful collection of clouds. I especially love the first one. The tree and grid on the bottom caught me off guard as I scrolled down. Gorgeous textures!

  3. I especially like that first image, where the clouds look like mountains. Love the blues–my favorite color. The last one is such fun to look at–there are so many items reflected.

  4. Awesome, awesome and awesome! You’ve got the magic vision Brenda!

  5. Spectacular! What a trio of images…My favourite, the first one! The blues, the clarity and directness of the horizontal lines in contrast to the vertical wavy lines of the tree and the white curves of the clouds. Simply gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous colours in these three, I love the first.

  7. These are amazing! The quote & images are a wonderful match.

  8. I love that quotation and the images, the sense of looking up into possibility.

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