The 2012 Countdown: Day 4

“There are no shadows in darkness.
Shadows are created by light, and only exist in the presence of light.
Refusing to acknowledge our shadow leads us to deny the presence of light in us.”

 Franco Santoro



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  1. Love this abstract. Terrific study in light and shadow.

  2. Another beautiful quote and image. Love the strong lines and shadows.

  3. Superb abstract Brenda–simple and so very effective.

  4. Happy Day 4, my friend! Beautiful image and quote. Lots to think about and reflect on. Thank you!

  5. I always enjoy your photos, Brenda. Today I am just blown away by that quote you shared. it is so true.

  6. Love that quote and the image is striking.

  7. I love your ability to turn a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional abstract that makes me stop and puzzle it out.

  8. What an amazing picture. It really tricks the eye. And I love the quotation as well — it touches on a main theme I return to in my writing again and again.

  9. I like the perspective this quote provides: that shadows are only present because of the light that precedes them. It’s easy to forget that during a “shadow” period.

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