The 2012 Countdown: Day 3

the magical ship
slips by, serenely floating
on a turquoise sea

haiku by me


Linking with The Photo-Heart Connection, hosted by Kat Sloma 


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  1. What an interesting image of lines and colours and balance!

  2. Never a disappointment to view your photos. Are you making them make money for you yet? I’m sure they could. they are fabulous!
    I love the distortion, the subject turned to/reimagined as something new and different, the light (of course) and I always enjoy an image that causes pause. In my opinion, which is worth what you paid for it, pause is a sign of a great work of art.
    I am not normally a fan of the Haiku but this one fits the image beautifully.

    You’re counting down. I’ll check in if I need to keep track.

    Happy day my friend.

  3. Love this Brenda! The abstraction and “seeing” of something else in the original objects is beautiful.

  4. Love this image! I find it serenely beautiful. And, your haiku is perfect. Yesterday’s Jonathan Swift quote comes to mind. I love your vision, Brenda. I love your art.

  5. Super cool–fantastic eye to nab this one Brenda. Nicely done!

  6. stunning photo! Love that it looks like a ship.

  7. Wow, just breathtaking.

  8. Love this! You have amazing eyes!! Love your Haiku!!

  9. Beautiful picture and beautiful poem 🙂

  10. Beautiful haiku and gorgeous image. Love the colour contrasts and the air of magic evoked.

  11. It does look like a ship, with lovely decorations. Well seen and captured. The haiku is perfect for it!

  12. I saw the ship and the sea even before I saw your haiku. I’m full of wonder at your vision, as always.

    Now I must go back and catch up, because I don’t know what you are counting down!

  13. The haiku fits perfectly. It does look like a ship at sea.

  14. Abstract? Definitely! Clever? Absolutely!

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