Third Thursday Challenge Wrap-up: November

It’s funny, isn’t it? When you state your intention – this is what I want to see – you find it, oftentimes right there in front of you. On streets you have walked hundreds of times. With the idea of abstract minimalism in my head, I began seeing opportunities everywhere.

And it’s still working. I am finding possibilities around every corner.

Which is a wonderful thing. Because it means that our photographic perception continues to evolve – our “seeing” changes with time and with our interests and our vision. Which means that we never reach the end of what we can see and discover.

The Third Thursday Challenge link will be open through midnight tomorrow. Join in, won’t you? And be sure to check out what the other participants have taken on as their November challenge. You will be inspired.


Because of the upcoming holiday season, I will not be hosting a Third Thursday Challenge in December. TTC will be back January 17 with the first challenge of 2013. Kick off the New Year right and plan to join us. Why not make it one of your 2013 goals and commit to a monthly challenge?

Thanks to all the participants who joined the fun in 2012 – I greatly appreciate it! 


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  1. Yes, we often see what we look for. Wonderful colors in the first image. Subtle tones with strong design in second.

  2. You’ve hit on it Brenda. What makes this photographic journey (or really any pursuit worth a darn) so fun and personally beneficial is that as we grow and evolve personally our photography evolves and vice versa. Excellent abstracts–really well seen!

  3. It’s amazing how thru photography we continue to change and grow..and each and every day ‘see’ differently.

  4. Think of the power in that, Brenda. I always wonder what I’m missing because I’m just not consciously aware of it.

  5. I like the fact that photography and how we see never stops growing and changing! If we allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zone on occasion, we’ll never be stale or bored!! Love the rust and colors in the first image!

  6. I really like the colours & textures in that first image- so true that our interests & vision for how & what we want to photograph changes.

  7. I cannot believe that I missed November’s challenge. Aaaaaaah! Next year……..I love your image here, the colours and the rust and textures are just gorgeous. Beautifully done.

  8. Sorry I missed it too….just too much going on here for any creative photo outings. TTC will be part of my 2013 resolutions! It is amazing how we can see something anew when our eyes and minds are open. One of the wonderful benefits of photography. Love your pipe of colors!

  9. Oh, I love the colors and the texture in that first photo.

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