Wing-Feather Fables: Revolving Door

This month Lisa gives you a choice of tales. Which will you choose? (Or, like me, will you read both? I really think you should.)

A revolving door is magic, in a child’s-eye-view. It can lead you in, or out, or nowhere, spinning round and round. There is a risk of getting stuck.

In the spirit of doors that go in more than one direction, I offer you a choice of tales. One alone just wouldn’t do. Step inside, and then decide.

Will you follow Izzy on a quest to guard the Passage?

Or will you pay a visit to The Dream Bank with Maurice?

Either way, I hope the door will spin you tales of quirk and wonder . . . just like Magic.

Make your choice here.

Photograph by Brenda Gottsabend; Story by Lisa Ahn

Read more about Wing-Feather Fables here.



Posted on November 28, 2012, in Wing-Feather Fables and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. yes, i read them both too, great!

  2. Lisa spoilt us with two tales this time . . . loved both. Riveted as always.

  3. Great image. The bright light. The reflection. The strong lines–vertical, horizontal, angled. The way your framed the door. Excellent!

  4. Love all the strong intersecting lines here and the one simple yet entirely descriptive word. Great stuff Brenda!

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