Third Thursday Challenge: November

The subject of this month’s challenge: abstract minimalism.

I can see the questioning look on your face. How is that a challenge for someone whose work already leans in that direction?

But the challenge was to create an interesting abstract image without depending primarily on the use of reflections or shadows. And with those constraints, things suddenly became both more difficult and more freeing.

I didn’t abandon my favorite “go-to” subjects. But I made a real effort to seek out additional ways to express my love of line, geometry and the beauty of simplicity.

Speaking for myself, this monthly challenge has provided the framework for me to purposefully explore new things; to force me out of my comfort zone; to imagine new ways to express my creativity. Even when it has been uncomfortable and frustrating, it has been good – good for both me and my photography.

I want the same for you. Please do consider linking up with this month’s challenge and become part of the TTC community. The link will be open through the end of the month. I can’t wait to learn from your experiments and the risks you take for your art.


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  1. Hey Brenda. I’m here. Miracle. Really.
    Love your images. Love that shot from Target. I worked with their storefront about a month or so ago and came up with a great shot-entirely different from yours of course. Love that first image with the repetition of minimal steps.
    Thanks for being a hostess! How great.
    Happy day to you.

  2. Love all of these , I think the gravel grid and red circle are my favourite. This prompt of yours is so great – really makes me think and step outside my comfort zone. Haven’t even started this month’s yet…but my goal is to get it in before the last day! I’ll be back….

    • Becs – oh, please do join in! The whole point of this exercise is to encourage and support each other as we step outside that comfort zone, those lines we draw around our art. I look forward to seeing the results of your experiments!

  3. I’ve tried but I just can’t seem to shoot these kind of images, it’s like I can’t see them to even try photographing them in the first place. It’s weird.

  4. Brenda, great images- Love the red triangle in the second photo. Well don to look for something different in your usual style.

  5. It’s amazing, Brenda. While these have your signature style, they are different. The first one is my absolute favorite. I love rust and that little heart in the upper right makes me melt.

    • Kim – Ah, I didn’t even SEE that heart – and I pride myself on my ability to see 😉 That shot is of a dumpster – a subject I know you have explored in the past. The lowliest and the mundane – sources of beauty.

  6. Brenda, these are all outstanding as always, but my favorite is the first one. My first thought was, what is that? And then I thought, who cares? It’s just a feast of color that makes me think of ocean and forest (two things I miss right now). I love the golden sunlight and those little triangles of rust that seem to glow with reflected light. So beautiful.

    You make me want to try Third Thursday Challenge! I just have to think of something new-to-me.

    • Lee – I’m glad this one made you think a little bit – “Study in Green” is the side of a dumpster, with the sunlight hitting it just so – who could resist? And I do hope you will find your “new-to-me” challenge and join in with us – we would all benefit from your explorations.

    • You mean I’m waxing rhapsodic over the side of a dumpster? That’s hilarious, but it only goes to prove what I said…you are indeed an artist! 🙂

  7. Oh, what fun! There is such wonderful simplicity in these images, Brenda! I don’t know why, but I’m really attracted to SF 90. Thanks for your prodding, I’m looking forward to trying something new — I will link up as soon as I do.

    • Gina – There were a couple of semi-trailers parked outside the Civic Center one day during my downtown photo walk – “SF-90” was the result of exploring them. Of course, I am always attracted to geometry and the beautiful red against the stark white was an added plus. It was really this image that sparked this challenge for me – I’m glad you like it. Please do join us with a challenge of your own. I look forward to seeing what you create.

  8. It’s amazing how just a little different look at things can create such fascinating images! Of course, I love the first one with the rust and shadows, two of my favorite things!! I also love the grid and gravel; very unique view!! I’ve worked on my challenge, just haven’t gotten it posted yet!! I’ll be back shortly!

  9. What a challenge you took on! The third one, Linear Column, is the one I keep going back to…the lines, the brown, tan and golden tones. My eyes are pulled up. I see strength, mass, solidness and yet complexity. Love it. I’ve noticed that your art often takes me deeper. It challenges me. “Dreams of Destruction” haunts me. I’ve yet to full understand why, so I keep going back to it, looking as if I’m standing in a gallery-alone, focused and lost in the scene. I think I now understand why I’m drawn to “Linear Column,” it’s a complete opposite.

  10. Really nice. The yellows and greens add their specialness. Very well seen and to harvest something admirable from a dumpster is, for lack of a better term, cool. (Maybe “redemptive” would fit in there, too.)

    Nice work!

  11. You have provided my assignment for the next week or so. Thanks.
    Your images above are excellent. I’m especially taken by the second one–I’m a lover of bright colors. I like the simplicity of it, the red on white, the designs created by the rivets/screws. Marvelous!

  12. These are great!! What a fabulous eye you have for abstract detail. Well seen and captured – YES!

  13. Absolutely cool on every level–great eye!

  14. My challenge this month is not one I can post: It is getting ready for a show of my photos. I picked up the prints yesterday. I now have 24 photos to mat and frame by the end of the month. Why do I leave things to the last minute? My challenge ought to be to get things done sooner.
    If anyone wants to see the photos, they can see them on my [] photoblog [/url].

    • Anita – this is a huge challenge, to have a show of your work. I applaud you mightily! Why don’t you link up one of your architectural photos in the linky tool so we can easily find you? Best of luck with getting everything done! Keep us posted on how things go.

  15. A beautiful and harmonious photo with the work n the colours, lines and lights.

  16. Brenda…I love, love, LOVE these images! LOVE them!

  17. Stunning as always. I especially like the warm tones of the third image. I’m glad I read the other comments because, otherwise, I’d still be racking my brain over the red & brick combination that is, of course, part of Target’s exterior. You do have a talent for seeing and shooting images that others–especially me–overlook.

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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