Third Thursday Challenge Wrap-up: October

One final door in my residential architecture series – a study in symmetry, with twin mailboxes and address markers; greenery gracing all four corners. All anchored by that beautiful arched doorway. Who could resist?

What did you discover with this month’s challenge? For me, I widened my definition of “urban architecture”, exploring residential neighborhoods. Like last month, I allowed natural elements to enter my compositions. I recognized the beauty in the welcome we show the world, through our front doors, our personal entryway.

A heart-felt thank you to this month’s participants. Each of you pushed your own boundaries in inspiring ways. When I imagined how this feature would work, I knew the greatest benefit would be in the sharing. It would be through that sharing that we would encourage each other and provide a soft place to land as we experimented with our art.

It’s not too late to join in – the link will be open through midnight tomorrow. What is it that you have always wanted to try? Remember – there’s no failure here. Only learning and growing. Share it with us, won’t you?


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  1. Such an inviting doorway — your composition and tones are just perfect! This is a great project you’ve started and I’m looking forward to fully participating in the future.

  2. Wonderful balance and I love your choices in post–excellent study in symmetry Brenda!

  3. An outstanding image. The greenery in all for corners frames the beautiful door. So many pleasing features: the stonework, door itself, graceful light, paired numbers and mailboxes. I’m curious as to what processing you used to achieve this lovely look.

    • Anita – thank you for your lovely comments – always so much appreciated. All of the residential series images were processed in the same way, to give them a similar feel and tone. I ran two actions from Pioneer Woman Photography – first processing the “Heartland” action, setting the opacity on the folder to 75% and then running the “Old West” action. I then added two Kim Klassen textures – Stained Linen (blend mode = Hard Light; opacity = 25%) and Oh My (blend mode = Soft Light; opacity = 25%). It of course took lots of experimenting to come up with this combination but I am pleased with the nostaglic feel it gives the photographs. Thanks again for being part of the Third Thursday Challenge Community. And yes, it is absolutely fine to submit more than once!

  4. Thanks for your reply. As you say, getting the right combination takes a lot of experimenting, time, patience and persistence. Pioneer Woman’s actions are only for CS, and I use elements. You remind me, however, to try actions, which I’ve done very little with.

    • Anita – here is the link to the Elements versions of the Pioneer Woman actions: . I trust you will find these fun and useful. You might also want to check out The CoffeeShop Blog. Most of Rita’s actions work in both PS and Elements.

  5. Thanks! I’m a follower of The Coffee Shop Blog, also Everyday Elements. I’m delighted to know that Ree at Pioneer Woman has actions for Elements. I’m on it. Many thanks!!!

  6. This image looks like something from a fairy tale, so you know I LOVE it!

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