Dance of the Contrails

Dancing contrails, reflected.  Swallowed by the palest blue and mauve, each window taking up the pattern and then passing it along, refracted.

Barely there, mere lines of chalk, ghost-writing. Vapor, disintegrating into the ether.

What is their meaning, these high-flying squiggles?

Lines of visual poetry, for those willing to see.

The October version of the Third Thursday Challenge will be open through the end of the month. Jump in and join us!


Posted on October 25, 2012, in Photography and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. What a wonderful capture, Brenda! I probably wouldn’t have noticed the ghost writing on the windows.

  2. Beautiful. Love the colours in this and your description of the ‘ghost writing’.

  3. This is really nice, well spotted & captured!

  4. What a gorgeous abstract! Love the soft colors…the surprise little streaks of white.

  5. I see it, Brenda. Beautiful. Visual. Poetry. Captured.
    Gorgeous, Brenda. Gorgeous!

  6. Visual poetry is right, a visual haiku at that. What a moment you have captured.

  7. Oh wow, so very very good! Simply beautiful!

  8. Excellent image and writing. The windows alone make a good image, but with the contrails–superb!

  9. They do look like something dancing!

  10. Another amazing capture, especially the color variations among the windows.

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