The Sunshine State

If all has proceeded according to plan, my husband and I are currently at Walt Disney World in Orlando – celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and his 59th birthday. Enjoying some golden Florida sunshine, Muppets in 3-D, our 7th Cirque du Soleil show and the perfection of all things Disney.

I still consider myself a novice at shooting during the golden hour and incorporating sunflare in my images. This image was an experiment with shooting directly into the sun – the overexposed wash of golden light seemed appropriate for today’s Florida vacation theme – even though its subject is a grungy garage door in Canton, Ohio.

I’ll be in vacation mode for the rest of the week and will catch up with you soon.

Please do consider joining up with the October version of the Third Thursday Challenge. The link will be open through the end of the month. Stop by and check out what others have done to challenge themselves this month.


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  1. Have fun, Brenda! I know you’ll bring back some great photos!

  2. Hope you guys have an amazing time. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your hubby. I’m celebrating my 40th today and feeling my age. :0)

  3. How lovely, what a gorgeous, golden shot. Love the flare. Congratulations on your anniversary and happy birthday to hubbie – hope you are having a wonderful trip.

  4. A glorious burst of golden light. The window/door provides a frame.

  5. Stunning..magical light. WOW!

  6. Brenda! Happy everything! Have a wonderful, wonderful time. And, your sunshining photo is the perfect salut to the Sunshine adventure you’re on!

  7. Yes, it is magical, just like Disney. Enjoy!

  8. It’s alive with golden sunshine–fitting for the double celebration you’re enjoying. Congratulations!!

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