Wing-Feather Fables: Frontiers

Each and every time, I am amazed at the places where Lisa’s creative imagination take us. Come along, won’t you and discover the meaning of “WILD 1909”. And ask yourself – what do we miss by not believing in the unbelievable.? 

Turner proclaimed the end of the frontier in 1893, but the creatures had long ago recognized its vanishing. The pattern was familiar.

Most were originally from the Old Country, from the Alps and river bends, from deep and silent forests or barren, rocky steppes. They were manitores and goblins, imps and lamia, unicorns and dragons. Once the Old Country grew too populous, they migrated to the New, took residence with vast, wild herds of buffalo and ancient sequoia trees.

Read the rest of the story here.

Photograph by Brenda Gottsabend; Story by Lisa Ahn

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  1. “Wild 1909” is most intriguing. Lovely gold tones. The sky and bottom rectangle nicely frame this image.

  2. Brenda, you seem to have a never-ending supply of fascinating old buildings to photograph. I love your processing of this one. There’s something ominous about that sky, but its tones perfectly complement that golden brick.

  3. Love the golden tones and mood that moves from image to story–fantastic!

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