A Reunion

 reunion n [riːjuːnjən]
the act or process of coming together again

This image is a reunion of sorts – a “coming together again” of me and my Pie-in-the-Sky series. Shot at the place where it all began.

I have a real fondness for this series. It encompasses many of the photographic elements that define my photographic vision – architecture, geometry, abstract minimalism. Capturing them in what I hope is a distinctive and unique way.

For a time, pies were all I shot. Every building was a potential piece of pie. I looked for triangles everywhere. My neck ached from peering up.

And then, boredom set in; it seemed that I had exhausted this subject. What more could I say? How could I avoid repeating myself?

So I moved on to other things; other subjects; other inspiration.

Until the image above – taken during the early morning golden hour – a double piece of pie. A slightly different twist of a familiar subject. Coming back again to those elements that first attracted me.

And I realized this: the series will never be finished. Yes, perhaps the initial easy shots have all been taken. New images may be few and far between in comparison to that beginning flurry of creation. I will have to look harder, seek further. But those pieces of pie – they are out there waiting for me, waiting to be discovered.

Like this piece – upside-down – balanced on the tipping point.

Below is the original pie-in-the-sky image, featured in a November 2011 blog post. Additional pies can be found here.


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  1. I’m very fond of your pie images. If I remember correctly, the first Brenda photo I saw was a pie, and I was intrigued and captivated. I’ve been following your blogs ever since.
    I tried a few pies, and they are not as easy as they appear.
    I’m delighted you have rediscovered them.
    A double pie! What more could one want. Beautiful light and shadow–you incorporated your more recent explorations of early morning light. Sharp and crisp.

    • Anita – how wonderful to learn that you were intrigued by my pies. It is scary to put work out there that is different – you wonder “will anyone else get this?” To learn that you even tried photographying a few yourself – I can’t think of a better compliment. I so appreciate your comments and continuing support. Thank you.

  2. Perfect! Love that you keep discovering!

  3. I’ve found this in writing too, that reunion, coming back to familiar themes I thought were over. Discovering new truths and depths.

  4. I like the pies too, love the minimalism of them.

  5. I love your ‘Pie in the Sky’ series. I remember that beautiful first image from almost a year ago now! These two new finds are wonderful additions to the collection. New dimensions to the vision. Love them! I think you’re right – the series is never complete, never done. Thank goodness!

  6. Isn’t it amazing how we return – again and again – to the same ol’ familiar..and – yet – each and every time – it’s different? Love the simplicity..the clarity and the spectacular color. Great eye!

  7. Aaaah. Love your pie in the sky series….and love this piece of double pie. It’s so inspiring the way you talk about your photographic vision and I love that you’ve had this little reunion….I’m sure they’ll be more pie pieces along the way and I really look forward to seeing them.

  8. I, too, enjoy your pie series. This one, reunion, is just perfect, in my opinion.

  9. I’ve always loved your pies!! Sometimes when I’m out, I’ll see a pie shape when I’m looking up and think of you and say “oh, Brenda would like this!” Love this double pie!!

  10. I wouldn’t say that the first ones were easy, but as you go deeper and deeper I can’t wait to see what you come up with. There is always something new to discover.

  11. Another wonderful collection of thoughtful abstract art, you get five * from me.

  12. You’re so gifted at find incredibly pleasing beauty in the most unexpected places. Splendid stuff Brenda!

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