Third Thursday Challenge Wrap-up

A lamppost masquerading as a tree. A scene I usually walk by without a second glance. But this month, I stopped and framed and snapped – all part of my personal goal to incorporate natural elements into my images, as a response to the inaugural Third Thursday Challenge.

Thank you to all the participants – your work has inspired me and provided future challenge ideas. Creating a community of creative support was my hope for this feature. Please visit and encourage each other as we step outside our comfort zones. It’s easier to do it together.

I am already hard at work on next month’s challenge, which is scheduled for October 18. But there is still time to add your link to September’s challenge through the end of the day.

Put your toe in the water or cannonball off the high dive – whichever approach works for you. Join us, won’t you?  You’ll be glad you did.


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  1. Love the lamp post! And, love Third Thursday Challenges. Thanks so much for creating this Brenda for all of us! Happy last day of September. May it be a gorgeous one!

  2. Beautiful shot-and a new look for you! See this is bad that I’ve slipped off blogging, because I had no idea about 3rd thursday and it sounds like fun. I’ll have to grab that button and join in.
    I hope all is well…and hope to be back blogging more frequently within the next month or so. About 3/4 done my Cuba project after loggingjn180+ hours. I know I’m missing efficiency, but the practice is getting faster. I think it’s the only way, to just keep slogging on. Being a perfectionist doesn’t speed things up-I’m sure you get that.
    If you think of it, give me a little nudge on my email with the next topic and the “rules”. Hope all is well with you.

  3. What a beautiful..encouraging post. And – especially love that you’re challenging everyone to step out and beyond themselves. Terrific!

  4. Good for you–continuing to challenge yourself. Nice image, using your excellent graphic gifts to capture this lamppost.
    Thanks for challenging and encouraging us.

  5. Beautiful image! I love how you composed this! Looking forward to the next challenge!

  6. Love this picture. It makes me think of Narnia.

  7. An interesting composition–and it does seem as if that light has grown branches!

  8. I love the completeness of the natural scene here with the less natural lamp post arising from nowhere. Fantastic Brenda!

  9. This is my kind of shot I love it

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