In Solitude

She sits within the clouds, mists swirling. The coolness of vapor, water droplets floating and twisting in a magical waltz of light and air.

She tries to see beyond, to what is ahead, to what comes next. But all is obscured, only the palest shadows visible, shimmering within the wisps.

She decides to just sit here, in the clouds, enjoying the solitude. This chance to be unseen and quiet. This chance to breathe in, breathe out – each inhalation filling her with dreams.

To sit and wait for the sun.


Texture Tuesday Processing

  • Duplicate original image, blend mode = Soft Light
  • Process the Vintagram action by CoffeeShop Blog
  • Add woman image as a new layer. Transform to fit. Set blend mode = Multiply; opacity = 80%. Add a layer mask, painting over the window separators with black.
  • Duplicate the woman layer. Set blend mode = Soft Light; opacity = 100%. Group the two woman layers.
  • Add the Partings texture to the top of the layer stack. Set blend mode = Linear Burn; opacity = 60%.

Below are the original images used in this composite. The woman image is from the CD collection, Stage Beauties: Edwardian Theater and Silent Film Actresses.

Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen

It’s not too late to join the first Third Thursday Challenge – the link will be open through September 30. Join us, won’t you?  


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  1. this!! Love the how you’ve conceived and created this. BRAVO!!!

  2. Wowee, zowee — so beautifully dramatic! I love her and your story for her. You are really stepping out and trying new things, let me add my bravo too.

  3. Oh I really like this one. Such an intriguing story to go with an intriguing image.

  4. You combined these two photos perfectly. Sometimes waiting for clarity is the best thing to do.

  5. Powerful image Brenda, love this piece.

  6. Wonderful, both words and images! I really enjoyed this – thank you for sharing.

  7. A beautiful image, and I love the line “a magical waltz of light and air”.

  8. Love this! These images look stunning together!
    & I will link in with 3rd Thursday challenge- probably not until the last minute though!

  9. I love these composite pictures you do so much, I really have to have a go too. Thank you for taking us through your process. I love the results, just beautiful.

  10. This picture is captivating.

  11. this is such a BEautimous treasure. I love knowing the HOW I DID IT part especially much!! you’ve inspired me to keep going BEyond where I am comfortable and discover another dimension!!!

  12. Fascinating and very beautiful–lovely work Brenda!

  13. Brenda,

    I’m terribly behind on blog reading–it’s been a hectic several weeks at work. But I am so glad that real life kept me from seeing this composition before now because I’m afraid that the hurry of my days recently would have kept me from appreciating it in the way it deserves.

    This a masterpiece–the combined images and the words are so evocative, and just perfect together.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire…

    • Wanda – no apologies necessary. Thank you so much for your continued support of my photographic and Photoshop efforts. Sometimes the image just comes together, the way it’s supposed to. And then the words come too. I am usually amazed when it does. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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