School Lessons

” I took to photography like a duck to water.”

Berenice Abbott

Most of you know the basics of my story. How I left the corporate world to go back to school and study graphic design. How photography wasn’t part of the plan; not until I discovered that it was a requirement of the design certificate program. And how much I dreaded picking up a camera.

But that’s where the story took a twisty turn. Because, much to my surprise, I slowly fell in love with this art form.

For me, each photograph became a lesson –  a lesson in seeing creatively. I was back to being a student – each time I pressed the shutter button I learned something new.

And the love affair continues, now three years in the making. Each day, like the first day of school – filled with promise and possibility and the fulfillment of dreams.

Texture Tuesday Processing

  • Duplicate original image layer, setting blend mode to Soft Light
  • Run Mid-tone Contrast action, using High Pass filter sharpening
  • Add an overall layers adjustment to increase contrast
  • Add Dream texture, blend mode set to Exclusion

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette. Continuing the “Back to School” theme, this image was taken at the local high school, one of my favorite local photography locations.

Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen 


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  1. A similar story…I so get it! Love the image!

  2. I love your story, so inspiring. Fabulous image, love the texture you’ve chosen with the inspirational text. Beautifully done.

  3. Love it, Brenda! And, continually inspired by your story..

  4. Very nice, I still learn something new when I press the shutter button and I’ve been pressing it for a little over 7 yrs. Its a fantastic never ending lesson.

  5. Wonderful processing in this image, Brenda. I love the tones and the dream texture. For those of us who enjoy photography, it’s our passion, isn’t it? I just read a story about a blind photographer, who loved his camera so much he couldn’t stop taking photos, even when he went totally blind. He spends 5-6 hours on one image — his work is incredible!

  6. I really love your processing on this Brenda, beautiful!

  7. It’s amazing to see the original and the final picture. Someday I hope to learn how to do that whole process!!

  8. What a journey your first step has turned into…so glad that you took it.

  9. Love what you did here. Maybe it’s a blueprint for your new life.

  10. I never tire of hearing your story. It always inspires me to know that nothing in life need be quite linear..that there are many branches off that main trunk of the tree! Love your creation!

  11. You always inspire me, Brenda. I need to go back to this way of thinking when I sit down to write each day. A lesson, a learning, always in process. Thank you.

  12. It’s a great story Brenda , love the processing here.

  13. Your photo, the texture you selected, your story–perfect together.

  14. I’m so glad you discovered your love for photography, Brenda.

  15. I love this treatment–great result!

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