Gold Obsession

I admit to being somewhat obsessive. When I discover a new path, I forge ahead, pursuing that trail with a fierce single mindedness.

Take the “golden hour”, for example. After years of missing the boat on that one, I am now a convert to the beauty of that magic light.

But I must constantly guard against my obsessive tendencies – that penchant to pursue something to the point of excluding all else. That inclination to place “the golden hour” up on a pedestal, looking with disdain upon any image I create that does not contain sun flare. As if there is only one “right” way to capture the beauty of the world around me.

That’s why I love this image. Taken in the early evening, as the sun made its slow descent to kiss the horizon, there is no flamboyant sun flare or extravagant orange-gilded clouds. Rather, it is a subtle interpretation of the magic of eventide, the beauty of symmetry and the power of reflection.

Most importantly, it is SO me – with all the elements that are an integral part of my photography practice.

A reminder to embrace it all – to find the magic in everything, whether bathed in golden light or not.

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  1. “The beauty of symmetry and the power of reflection” — yes! The image’s subtle tones and textures are terrific — and those two blue squares seem to be two eyes looking out.

  2. It seems you do a good job of controlling your obsessive tendencies. You go with something new with energy and enthusiasm, but eventually you merge it into your repertoire as one of many ways to approach a subject. I suspect that your obsessive period allows you to really learn the new approach.

    I like this subtle, playful image.

  3. So you . . . and that’s what I love about it. I love seeing the world through your eyes. Your images enable me to see things I am unable to see on my own.

  4. I love the contrast of the reflected blue set like gems in the golden stonework of this image. I’m happy that you’ve come over to the “golden side” but also glad you haven’t left behind all the characteristics that make your work so YOU.

  5. Honestly, you have the most amazing eye. I’ve told you how soothing your images are to my soul. I’m so grateful to see them. Beautiful work…and your images connect to my heart!

  6. No one should expect you to be anything other than “you,” but you consistently enlarge that definition by pursuing (and excelling at) new-to-you subjects and techniques. You truly are an inspiration!

  7. So beautiful. I love your last line too “….to find the magic in everything”. I think that’s when you find the magic in photography too. 🙂

  8. … the magic of eventide…love that! So enjoy your captures!

  9. Yes, it has all the elements of you – your current obsession, symmetry, and magic and mystery too.

  10. Hey Brenda…I knew you’d do it. Welcome to the club my friend. The golden hour is so addictive and enticing. Don’t get caught in it’s rapture. I love how you’re mixing your trademark style with this new (for you) lighting. I feel it coming on, espcecially a 20-30 min window that most appeals and I scurry around thinking “I have to shoot something, anything RIGHT now” and actually feel my energy and mood drop as it passes.
    In opposite fashion, I am trying to not rely shooting at golden hour as much as in the past. I think almost anything looks good in that light-and have to work harder on creating a good image when I’m not hitting that time of day. I applaud you for saving this light for the time when you’re more experienced.
    BTW…yes I saw those lamp posts caught in the window reflection. Have a great weekend Brenda.

    • Susan,
      Addiction – yes, that is the perfect word. That is what I am trying to guard against. I am starting to feel as if a good image can’t be created without that golden light. And what am I going to do when it is no longer available on a daily basis due to shorter days and winter’s coming? The majority of my images this summer have been all about that light – re-discovering familiar scenes, transformed by gold. I suppose that will be challenge in the upcoming months – to keep searching, finding the magic in other things.

  11. this. Such perfect simplicity..and especially love how the sky is framed. Great eye!

  12. This is so soothing! I love the beautiful reflection with the lamp and those pretty clouds! Perfect!

  13. I love this image, like sky eyes peering.

  14. Love this image, the beautifully framed reflections, & lovely to notice the all around us.

  15. Love what you shoot in the magic hour.

  16. Amazing photo-heart connection, love the image and I love your words, I can relate to them because I am to a bit obsessive and I too do exactly the same thing, so sometimes I need a reminder to embrace it all. Indeed embrace is my word for this year. Thanks for sharing

  17. How sweet is that golden light!

  18. It IS you and I love it!! Simply fantastic!

  19. Wonderful message Brenda. You are not the only one who needs to remember this, “I must constantly guard against my obsessive tendencies – that penchant to pursue something to the point of excluding all else.” It’s easy to do! But you will look back at this time fondly as your “golden hour phase,” when you added this wonderful light to your repertoire. Thanks for sharing this in the Photo-Heart Conenction!

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