The August Break: Day 31

“Quit trying to find beautiful objects to photograph.
Find the ordinary objects so you can transform it
by photographing it.”

Morley Baer

August Break 2012


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  1. You’ve nailed that quote! Great captures!

  2. Wonderful series of shots….that last one is really special! Of course, I love the three arches — I seem to be fixating on three lately! What are you going to do now that August is over? Have a great weekend, Brenda!

  3. Love that quote, it is really what you try to do as a photographer isn’t it? Great images her Brenda, I particularly like the last.

  4. Amazing images as always – love the three arch balcony and the spiral staircase in particular. That quote is awesome – and so true. Loved your August break images but looking forward to hearing your voice again in September. 🙂

  5. I especially love the arches on the porch and the spiral staircase. You do transform the ordinary into something beautiful and magical.

  6. What a perfect quote…and so true!! It’s within that ordinary that we find the magic. Wonderful ‘illustrations’ to bring it home!!!

  7. Wonderful quote, with which I completely agree. Great collection of images. I’m especially intrigued by the first one–complex yet unified by the blue and tan colors and the many diagonal lines. As I look again at these images, I see they all have similar colors. Maybe in September, once you start writing again, you will explain how you get such lovely tones.

  8. Another comment: Congratulations on finishing the month of August Break.

  9. Another superb series Brenda–I’m in love with that spiral!

  10. Brenda, these are all breathtaking! I love each one for each uniqueness and beauty! The last one is awesome!

  11. A superb series…beautiful colors and wonderful composition.

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