Vision and Verb: The Genie in the Lamp


I was thrilled to receive an invitation (many thanks, Marcie) to guest post at Vision and Verb, “a global gathering of women of this age”. I have always been inspired by the creative and inspirational work these women release into the world – so I am greatly humbled to be part of their “tribe” today.

Won’t you join me there?



Posted on August 26, 2012, in Photography and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Brenda – the pleasure is ALL ours!! Thank-YOU for joining us..and sharing your inspiring thoughts and fabulous image!!!

  2. Congratulations! Just been over and read it – fabulous. Beautiful image and writing.

  3. Congratulations, Brenda!! Once again you’ve stunned me with this image! My first thoughts, what beautiful light Brenda always captures, these vases just glow! But, streetlights, I never would have guessed they could be so beautiful! I would like to explore with you so you could teach me how to capture such stunning light!!

  4. Congrats Brenda–enjoy!! Love the gorgeous light and textures in this shot

  5. Beautiful capture! So wonderful to have you with us at V&V!

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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