The August Break: Day 25


“When you are looking to find photographs…
open up your mind and be still with yourself.
The photographs will find you.”

Paul Caponigro


August Break 2012



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  1. What on earth? Brenda, nobody does what you do like you do it. I continue to be blown away by every single image.

  2. I agree. You have your own style, Brenda, and your seeing is beyond compare (which is why I like to use you as an example in my classes). This image is beautiful, surprising, and intriguing.

  3. Incredible!! And – I love J.P. Caponigro. He’s such an inspiration!

  4. Would like to see this large!

  5. Amazing image, love it! Great quote too.

  6. This photo looks like it’s danciing with energy! I love the lines and colors! I also love the quote! It’s going on my desktop and in my camera bag! I’m working on slowing down and not just clicking away!!

  7. Fantastic image and quote!!

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