Sidewalk Art

At the high school, outside the art room door, I find remnants of myriad artistic projects. Layers of color, random splotches of paint, stenciled shapes. No rhyme or reason, no overall plan.

And yet, there is a certain beauty to be discovered in the jumbled chaos. Teenage hieroglyphics, sending a message to the universe:  We were here – creating, exploring, searching. Finding ourselves.

Just like me.

Texture Tuesday Processing

  • Process The Coffeeshop Blog Storybook Vintage Action, deleting the Color Fill layer – this keeps the whites white
  • Duplicate the background layer, moving it above the Vintage action group. Set blend mode to Soft Light
  • Add the Autumn Burst texture, setting blend mode to Color Burn and opacity to 52%
  • Add a levels adjustment to increase overall contrast

Here is the original image and the layers palette:












Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen


Posted on July 31, 2012, in Photoshop and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. Very cool, Brenda! Nice warmth and texture you added with your processing. You do find the beauty in unexpected places.

  2. Oh boy, love your words that go along with this awesome find and beautiful edit!

  3. Beautiful image and narrative.

  4. Loving this jumbled chaos photo full of color and shapes.

  5. creating, exploring, searching – all of us, yes?
    Nice find Brenda & beautifully processed.

  6. Just love the layers and no overall “plan” with this type of art. I think that’s why I enjoy a lot of the street art here in NYC! Love the post processing!

  7. I love the way you processed this image, and the trio of “creating, exploring, searching.”

  8. You find design in chaos in your photos.

  9. This looks like an abstract painting. I love the way the white curves contrast with the colored straight-edged shaped. Beautiful processing!

  10. You’ve certainly managed to capture a bit of magic from many different artistic techniques, and then you enriched them by adding your own artistic touch. Well done!

  11. We’re all just leaving our marks I guess right? Yours are so enjoyable to come across.

    Sorry I’ve been away quite a bit lately–too much going on at work and home these days. Hopefully it will be better in the coming weeks.

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