The Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Yes, I know – sun flares again. But let me tell you the whole story.

These images are mistakes, errors of humidity.

It was 7:30 am and already 83 degrees, the air thick with moisture. The morning sun had just broken free of the low-lying cloud layer. Approaching the Football Hall of Fame Museum, my timing was perfect to capture the brilliant shimmer thrown back from the entryway and its curved wall of glass.

I snapped several shots before I realized my lens was covered with condensation – product of an air-conditioned car ride followed by exposure to 90% humidity. I figured those misty images were headed for the trash can.

Following lens cloth application, my morning photo shoot continued without further incident.

But I was wrong about the trash can. Rather than toss these images, I found myself entranced by the super-nova intensity of their sun flare, reflections refracted by moisture. Hazy and soft-focused, they embody the warm syrup of a summer morning, thick and sticky with heat and dreams.

So here they are – mistakes reborn; errors embraced.

Plus several other images, from that morning’s shoot, which celebrate the power and beauty of reflections.


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  1. Brenda,
    These are stunning images!
    When I read your words about the “mistakes” I thought of how important it is for us to embrace those mistakes in our lives and move on. Thanks for that little lesson.

  2. “Capturing the warm syrup of a summer morning” — so glad you didn’t delete these! And the last one is really pleasing: love the lines and colors.

  3. Those first two have such a warmth about them. So in love with that third shot too.

  4. Wow, these are incredible, love them and so glad they were saved from the trash can! Love that flare. Great reflections too – especially love the first one, just gorgeous.

  5. You and humidity seem to work well together! What a wonderful ‘mistaken’ error. Love the end result!

  6. I love this phrase, “the warm syrup of a summer morning”. Perfect. The images are goregeous and really do capture that sense of sticky, hovering heat. I love the reflections also, especially the first one. Beautiful!

  7. Most wonderful examples of just how beautiful some “mistakes” can be.
    These are just beautiful Brenda.
    The light is amazing.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  8. Love the reflections, just beautiful. And those mistakes are fabulous too.

  9. I must admit I was a bit puzzled when I first opened this post because your focal image was so different from your usual work. But as I read through the post and viewed your other photos, I realized the haze-filled images are as much a part of your portfolio as your usual sun-filled and shadow-laden images are. You have an amazing ability for noticing and capturing the unusual and, in this case, making the very most of what others might consider mistakes. Good job!

  10. The sun flare images truly are beautiful, but the one that made me catch my breath is the next one, of the light standards reflected in the windows. I love your composition – they look like strange trees growing out of an alien ocean.

  11. Hooray for mistakes! Love them!

  12. Simply stunning images!! I understand the lens clouding, mine has been too every time I go outside!! But, these turned out so well!! Also love the wiggly lamp post reflections!! I wish I could just walk with you and you could point out all the beautiful things that catch your eye!! I could learn a lot!!

  13. Oh wow ( I think I say that a lot here), what a great series Brenda. I love the softness of those first images cut but the crisp lines of the building and the intensity of the reflected sun. Superb!

  14. I just love looking at your images and seeing what you saw. Great message too. Sometimes what we think are mistakes are really pleasant surprises.

  15. Beautiful series! The “mistakes” are soft and wistful…lovely.

  16. I like sun flares.
    That first image perfectly captures the title of this post, though I would add hot to the title.
    Gorgeous reflections and curves.
    The next to last image captures the beauty of the building in a way that might not be obvious to someone looking at the whole building.
    The image above it is delightfully fanciful.

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