405 Lexington

The address: 405 Lexington Avenue at 42nd Street.

Home of the Chrysler Building, one of the most recognizable and magnificent skyscrapers in the world, hailed as a classic example of Art Deco design. Clad in its silvery coating, its stylized sunburst motif shining in the sun, its steel gargoyles guarding the city, the Chrysler Building is an integral part of the NYC skyline.

A New York City icon and my favorite architectural gem on the isle of Manhattan.

And I so yearned to capture it with my camera. To put my stamp on it; to make it mine.  But as I wrote here, I was initially disappointed in my New York City images – I feared I had squandered my opportunity to capture one of the world’s greatest cities. It took some time with my images before I could love them as expressions of my distinctive vision.

What my trip to the Big Apple taught me was this: the very act of turning my camera on something does make it mine.

This image says “I was here, this is what I saw, what I noticed, what I want you to experience with me”. The soft golden glow through pebble-textured glass; the intricate Art Deco motifs – interlocking triangles, geometric patterns repeating. The copper 405 uniquely identifying the location.

No, it’s not the Hollywood shot – that delicate spire piercing the heavens above Manhattan – the majesty of that singular skyscraper. It is but one tiny piece of this architectural wonder. But it is my tiny piece, shot from the heart.

Linking with Photo-Heart Connection, hosted by Kat Eye Studio. 


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  1. Well, seeing the world through you lens is fascinating, Brenda. It does put your stamp on it. Who needs more “Hollywood shots”? I adore art deco and this is just exquisite!

  2. I love the golden hue, and the way the bottom third in particular seems almost three-dimensional. Wow!
    I always love your vision, though. In fact, when I was last in Boston, I found myself looking at a slice of sky and building and thinking, “Brenda would like that shot!”

  3. WaHoo gorgeous! Love it! Gorgeous colors. The image shines and radiates light. Perfect composition. Excellent.

  4. I love your thoughts on the idea of “I was here, this is what I saw, what I noticed, what I want you to experience with me”. That is the key to photography isn’t it? It’s our own perspective on the world. Its the things that catch our eye and speak to us in a way that we must document our perspective with our camera. Beautiful post for PHC

  5. Love this shot! Love the lines and the geometric feel to it….you done good!

  6. Fabulous shot, love the golden glow and the beautiful art deco symetry. Love your words – “the very act of turning my camera on something does make it mine”. So true.

  7. So tired of Hollywood shots. This is fabulous! You did the Chrysler building proud.

  8. I love the yellow of your pic from New York, lovely post. Happy it will be a picture what represents you.

  9. We always see in massive scale, but it’s hard to capture all of that, so these smaller pieces give a bit of intimacy to something that we can’t own completely. I like your shot. It has it’s own wonderful character and it does confirm that you have “interacted” with this place. This is a nicely done photo and your narrative is insightful as well.

  10. My initial reaction to this image was “how very rich” in terms of color and design but as I read your post, I also realized the rich memories this photo has for you. Well done!

  11. Oh..this is terrific!! You’ve really left your very own creative stamp on it..and definitely declared it YOURS! And – NYC is tough to photograph. I – too – have often been disappointed with my photos from there. Bravo on a job well done!

  12. Brenda you have such a good eye for this type of shot, I love the colours and the in your face way that you’ve captured this. It would look good as a print together with some of your recent work.

  13. This is indeed a magnificent building, and this photograph is wonderful, Brenda.
    I hope you’ve had a wonderful beginning to your week!

  14. Brenda, you always seem to capture the detail that gets to the heart of the matter. This is a beautiful image, perfectly framed and processed as always.

  15. Spectacular take on an iconic structure. Those golden tones really bring out the glow of modernity leaving it warm and inviting rather than cold and glassy. Nice work.

  16. I SOOO love this image Brenda! It is so very YOU. I don’t want Hollywood and the big picture when I visit here, I want to see and know you, and this is what comes through so strongly in your images. I love this statement, “the very act of turning my camera on something does make it mine.” That is a truth. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  17. Gorgeous graphic tribute to a beautiful landmark–nicely done Brenda!

  18. Brenda, this is magnificent! I love how your captured the warmth of the building, made so because you shot it as you saw it! I love your interpretation of architecture! The details you capture simply amaze me!

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