Wing-Feather Fables: The Fallen

Invoking the spirit of the Brothers Grimm, Lisa asks us to question the meaning of “Open to All” – who are we really excluding? What is the true meaning of grace? As always, her imagination takes you to a different, mysterious world, full of the sadness of giants.   

The broken church fit in the cradle of her lap like a misshapen, fractured infant. She’d never had a child. Giants weren’t famous for fidelity or comfort. Their ministrations were of the rougher sort when they chose to procreate. Thralia had never coddled anything until this unexpected reverence had slammed her in the chest…

Read the rest of the story here.

Photograph by Brenda Gottsabend; Story by Lisa Ahn

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  1. So beautifully descriptive and I love how she likened the glass to fish scales. Once again I found myself transported to a magical place.

  2. What an imagination Lisa has! She is so gifted with words. You know that this image is one of my favorites of yours….I hated imagining the building smashed to pieces.

  3. What a display of great geometrics! I love the semicircles amidst all the angular shapes. Well seen!!

  4. First impression: I love that fish-scale window! Now I’m off to read Lisa’s story.

  5. This is a wonderful image, Brenda!

  6. Wonderful image…love the window!!

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