Between You and Me and the Lamppost

Texture Tuesday Theme: Light

Between you and me and the lamppost, I have become a procrastinator (gasp!)

I keep finding excuses not to write. The keyboard is not my friend. My brain is fuzzy and words seem to float just out of reach. There are always other “projects” which grab my wandering attention – you know, important things like making the bed, working on the grocery list, folding socks.

Yes, I realize I have been in this place before, suffering that uncomfortable feeling; watching the cursor blink its slow rhythm as it patiently awaits further instruction.

I want what I say here to be meaningful; to relay ideas about art and creativity; to touch a chord with you; to share our artistic journeys.

But perhaps my insistence on having something profound to say – something deep and penetrating and wise, as well as witty and clever – is the source of my writing discontent.

Maybe it is enough to just show up here, with an image to share, a minimum of words and know you’ll understand.

Texture Tuesday Processing

  • Add Oh My watercolor texture, Blend Mode = Hard Light
  • Duplicate texture layer, Blend Mode = Darken to further highlight the texture
  • Using a radial gradient, add yellow and white circles of color behind the globes to resemble the glow of lamplight
  • Process my Pencil Sketch action, which blends the original image into the background
  • Add “Light” text – Scriptina Font
  • Add quote text – Trebuchet Font
  • Process mid-tone contrast action to bring out textures

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette.

Layers-Palette May-22-Before








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  1. Ha! that’s what I do..”just show up …, with an image to share, a minimum of words and know you’ll understand.” seems to work for me:)
    I always enjoy visiting your blog Brenda, always such beautiful images & thought provoking words.

  2. I’ve definitely been in that space. Showing up is half the battle. Words aren’t always needed often your beautiful images speak for themselves. :0)

  3. You know what they say – just showing up is 99% of the work. The rest – will follow. And what a beautifully processed image. A testament to the workings of simply ‘showing up’..even when you think you have nothing to say. Bravo!

  4. I always enjoy your posts, Brenda. Posting shouldn’t feel like a chore — sometimes we have something profound to share in writing, sometimes an image can say it all. I love this lamppost!

  5. Very cool treatments, and I love the quote!

  6. This is so very lovely, the texture work is superb!!

  7. Just my opinion Brenda, but I think that what you have said here is really very meaningful. I think it is something many of us can identify with. The important thing is that you’ve “been there, done that,” so you know the words will return to you.

  8. You definitely have challenged & encouraged me. I am glad that you showed up for this post. The message is one I needed to hear. Thank you.

  9. Haha! I am a fully signed up procrastinator and am totally fine with an image and just a few words (here or on my own blog!). I love your image here, the processing is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your process too, I always learn something when I’m here. 🙂

  10. One can’t be wise and witty every day!

  11. I couldn’t agree more — lately all I can do is try to show up and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

  12. What a gorgeous quote and image. I am in awe of what you do with texture and layers. Of course, you know your tools and what you want to achieve.

    I still struggle with photoshop and my images are often disappointing. But, am slowly learning and will not give up as long as people like you and Kim Klassen continue to inspire me.

  13. Fantastic texture–great result!

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