Number 134

The building at Number 134 6th street had become something of a personal challenge. I loved its architectural flourishes – additions for beauty’s sake alone. Faux columns with elaborate carvings. An arched entryway. Intricate decorative details. The weathering of years; the texture of passing time.

My attempts to capture its beauty failed. I was never satisfied with the results, deleting image after image. Discouraged yet undaunted, I kept returning – drawn by its loveliness, its lines, its textures. I experimented with different framing and compositions, trying to find some way to communicate my attraction for this facade.

And then finally – an image that worked. Something with a little bit of depth and context; showing you enough to be intrigued. But it was the post-processing that sealed the deal for me. I was simply playing around with different actions and textures, experimenting with this and that, when I stumbled upon this combination of layers. I caught my breath  – “Yes! this is it!” The sense of mystery. A return to the past. A celebration of its delicate details.

I don’t think we can force creativity. But sometimes we have to keep trying, keep revisiting, not give up on that tiny spark of an idea.

We have to keep going back. Until we get it.

Texture Tuesday Processing

  • Convert to black and white using Pioneer Woman Photography “B&W Beauty” action
  • Process the Pioneer Woman Photography “Cooler” action to add a bluish tone
  • Run my mid-tone action to highlight the texture
  • Add the Just Cause texture, opacity = 75% and blend mode = Linear Burn

Below is the original image and Photoshop layers palette.











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  1. Fabulous. You’re right the processing has really made this image amazing. I love the depth and textures and the b&W hightlights the details beautifully. Beautifully done.

  2. It is stunning, Brenda. And, thanks for sharing your process. I am just learning how to use textures and layers. It’s easy to follow along, but I always wonder how they came up with it. How did they know to try that combination? Like you said, it takes time and experimenting and not giving up. A good lesson all around.

  3. Oooh I love the treatment you gave this . . . an air of mystery is the perfect description.

  4. Fantastic shot. I love the processing. It has such old world charm and really highlights the architectural features of the image. Love it.

  5. Wow…you did an amazing job!!

  6. What a drastic, beautiful change! Your patience paid off, it is gorgeous!

  7. Wonderful processing, Brenda. I love the final image. Your treatment really brings out the detail in those fabulous decorative flourishes. I’m looking forward to trying some layers and textures myself once I get moved and settled.

  8. Exquisite architectural detail. Love the simplicity…the balance..the timeless way in which you processed this. Terrific!

  9. Just stopping by from the TT group. Have to say, you have sooooo totally ROCKED this image! FAB job and thank you so much for sharing your process (very helpful).

  10. FANTASTIC! I am a big fan of architectural flourishes and love, love, love this. The contrast, the lines, the curves all come together so beautifully! Thanks for sharing the before and after.

  11. Oh, I just love the end result – as always, inspiring.

  12. You’ve done a great job, worth fiddling around until you get something that you love. The processing is great.

  13. A stunning image! Just right. Your persistence and experimentation payed off! Yes, we keep trying this and that and sometimes discover the right combination.

  14. Thanks for the reminder to persist, above all.

  15. I’m with Corinna–you’ve really shown with this excellent shot the importance of staying with the process. If we persist we can almost always find the art.

  16. Wow, this image is fabulous, almost mythic. I love the story as well, the message to keep trying, from different angles, until you get there.

  17. Very inspiring! This looks very mysterious yet beautiful- I love it!

  18. Your monochrome and texture treatment is stunning, especially since there’s the tiniest hint of color still there. I suspect we will see other photos of this location as you continue to explore its mysteries.

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