The Imperial Room

Can you see them, gathered at the entrance?

The dapper tuxedoed men, white bow ties glowing. The sophisticated women, the moonlit glint of sequins, feathered boas ruffling gently in the night breeze.

The furtive knock on the door. The secret password whispered.

The door slowly opens, releasing the soft golden glow of lamps turned low. For a single moment, the yearning plea of a jazz saxophone pierces the night; notes of laughter float upward to the stars.

They enter. Into that magical place, where every man is a king, every woman a queen.

Welcome to The Imperial Room.

Texture Tuesday Processing 

  • Add the LittleThings Texture, blend mode  = Luminosity
  • Run the Pencil Sketch action
  • Run the Old West action from Pioneer Woman Photography
  • Run my midtone contrast action to highlight the textures
  • Run the B&W Beauty action from Pioneer Woman Photography. Mask the sign so the color is retained.
  • Using a levels adjustment, darken the overall image to represent nighttime. Copy the sign mask to this layer so the sign is not affected by the adjustment.

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette.


Linking with Texture Tuesday 


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  1. What a creative and imaginative story accompanying the image. What fun!

  2. Oooh I love it, felt like I was in a different time and place . . . . and I love saxophones.

  3. Ah, the bygone years….I enjoy the stories that go with your images so much! Wouldn’t it be fun to time travel back to the early days of the Imperial Room?

  4. I felt like I was starting a wonderful new novel!! Great words to go with this image!! I love all those shadows and how your processed it!

  5. Brenda, you are such a story teller. I swear, you could write a book. And illustrate it too, of course.

  6. The Imperial room sounds wonderful!

  7. I seriously feel as if I could reach inside this photograph. What a stunning image. I love the contrast between the black and white background and the lusciousness of the sign in the foreground. And the story!! So good!

  8. Oh! I can hear the saxaphone, and see the warm glow of the lights. Just looking for the right dress to wear, and I’m there! Wonderful piece, Brenda. And, your processing has transformed the photograph-taking us back in time. Just lovely!

  9. Very beautiful composition and tones !
    Great blog and work ! My vote for you on Coolphotoblog , good luck 😉

    • Kevin – you don’t know how much I appreciate your kind words (and your vote!) Especially since I checked out your blog and am amazed at your work. I will be following along on your creative journey. I do hope you will visit here again, in my little corner of the web.

    • It’s a pleasure for me to see your work ! I come back on your blog 😉

  10. This is fantastic Brenda, and such perfect words to go with it!
    So nicely done!!

  11. We really enjoyed your post, and what a beautiful image! 🙂

  12. Wonderful find and impeccably processes. I’m behind on my blog reading-glad I caught up with you.

  13. You’ve taken us there Brenda–shot and words working together to transport. Doesn’t get much better than that!

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