Another Year

Birthday Postcard 2012

Today is my 56th birthday.

A friend (thanks Michelle!) sent me a card which had this beautiful thought inside:

A birthday is your own personal year…
Your private mark in time between the past and future…
Your own farewell to yesterday,
Your welcome to tomorrow.

This past year brought many gifts.

Retirement, and with it, the time to pursue my artistic dreams. Photography, with its daily joys (and occasional frustrations). My amazing connection with Nest –  doing work that I love for an organization dedicated to changing lives, one woman at a time. The work that I was meant to be doing.

Building an online community of like-minded artists – people who delight in my successes and commiserate with my failures. My collaboration with the incredible Lisa as we launched Wing-Feather Fables together.

The year also brought broken hearts, a scary diagnosis, loss. But then what year is immune from sadness, from heartbreak, from broken dreams?

Looking ahead, there is my upcoming weekend trip to Houston – museum-hopping with my girlfriends. Starting Sunday, “A Sense of Place”, an online photography course with the incredible Kat Sloma. There is a trip to NYC in June – to attend the annual Nest Garden Party and take my stab at photographing the Big Apple. There is the week in August when Pop-pop and Mom-mom will transform into babysitters extraordinaire for our grandson Elliot.

There are photographs waiting to be created, posts waiting to be written and stories to be told. Shadows to seek. Reflections to explore. Lines and shapes and textures to frame.

Another day. Another year. Saying farewell to yesterday, welcoming tomorrow. With greatest gratitude for it all, the good and the bad.

So you are cordially invited to join me, here, at my virtual party. Here, where the colored lights are twinkling, and together, we look forward to what tomorrow will bring, in this, my 56th year. Have another cupcake on me.


I received a fantastic gift this week – my entries to the March Fuel Your Photography Photo Contest tied for third place! Yes, I tied with myself. The theme was Minimalism. If you don’t follow FYP, you should. And please consider joining the April contest – this month’s theme is “Beautiful Color”.


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  1. Happy birthday Brenda!! So much in the past year & so much coming up…hope you’ve had a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with sunshine, laughter and love :).
    Stay inspired!

  3. Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday Dear Brrrrrreeeeennnnnddddaaaa
    Happy Birthday To You

    Have fun on your special day and may your whole year be filled with love, laughter, happiness and of course wonderful images to shoot.

  4. Happy birthday, Brenda! Thanks for inviting us to your virtual party.
    May your next year bring you much joy and contentment!

  5. Happy Birthday & Congratulations on tying with yourself for THIRD PLACE in the Fuel your Photography contest. Excellent!

  6. Happy Birthday, Brenda! We are the same age (okay, I’m a few months older). What a year you have had. Isn’t it great to continue learning and growing?

  7. Brenda: Birthday greetings from all of us here at FYP, do enjoy your day!

    – J

  8. Happy Birthday Brenda! Your 27th anniversary of your 29th birthday!
    Congrats on third place in your contest. The perfect subject for you. I’m going to take some time to look that site over-looks like a good one.
    Enjoy your day-extra cake and ice cream and lots of smiles….and a photowalk for good measure.

  9. Happy happy day! (Today is also my amazing mom’s birthday, proving that April 5 must be a good day for inspired and inspiring people to be born.) I hope your 56th year is full of beauty and joy.

  10. Happy Birthday, Brenda! Love the virtual birthday party! Am celebrating you here in Toronto…wishing you a wonderful day, and lots of joy (and fabulous shadows and reflections, too!) in the year ahead.
    Happy, happy birthday, my friend!

  11. Happy Birthday, dear friend, and many many many more!

  12. First, I LOVE that you tied with yourself for third place – two such different images, and both gorgeous. No wonder the judges couldn’t decide. Second, Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it’s the first day of a glorious year in the life of Brenda. It sure sounds like you’ve got lots to look forward to. Enjoy!

  13. Happy Birthday to you!! Hope your day was very special! Congrats on your placing in the FYP contest! I just checked out your images and they were both wonderful!!

  14. Brenda, I hope your day was everything you hoped for & more. I hope, too, that it was just the first day in an exciting, challenging, and fruitful year ahead.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday Brenda! No matter what -in spite of the ups and the downs – it sounds like it was a wonderful year. Here’s to many..many more just like it!

  16. Happy Birthday!! I love our collaboration and look forward to creating many more stories together. Here’s to a year filled with baskets of joy on your doorstep.

  17. Happy Birthday Brenda!! It’s been a full year for you indeed. I know that my life is fuller for having met you on this crazy internet. Thanks for sharing your amazing vision and for all your kind and encouraging comments. Cheers!

  18. First and foremost, Happy Birthday, my Friend!!!
    Secondly, how very much I enjoyed reading this post (twice!).
    You have truly said it all here.
    Surely the way one would want to feel on their birthday.

  19. A very belated happy birthday. I hope you had a great day and I love your list of gifts from the year, how fabulous. Here’s to another great year, have fun on all your trips (can’t wait to see NY through your eyes!) and here’s to another fabulous, creative year. Congrats on your 3rd place – didn’t know about this site, I’ll have to check it out.

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