The Final Act

Winter had come to an end; the warm breeze which carried her here, her final resting place, held the soft, sweet promise of spring.

She thinks back to the emerald days. The days of golden sunshine and azure skies. Delicately dancing, the gentle caress of summer’s breath.

The days of holding fast through thunderstorms, when pelting raindrops and whipping wind sought to tear her away from everything she knew. And yet, somehow, she held fast.

Then autumn came. With wild abandon, she tore off summer’s cloak and blazed with a fiery brilliance; with everything she had and everything she was and everything she had learned. Showing the world what she had become.

Now, she lay quietly. Breathing in, breathing out. Ready for the final act.

Texture Tuesday Processing 

  • Run the Pioneer Woman black and white conversion action, adjusting the opacity of the edge burn and “light” layers
  • Add a Levels adjustment to increase overall contrast
  • Add a Levels adjustment to darken the leaf – limiting the effect to the leaf by using a layer mask
  • Add the Evolve texture, blend mode = Multiply

Below are the original image and Photoshop layers palette.

Layers-Palette Mar-20-Before


Linking with Texture Tuesday


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  1. Lovely poetry Brenda, very evocative.

  2. Wow, that pretty intense Brenda so early in the morning! I’m amazed at those lone leaves that hang on, the delicate yet hardy hydrangea. A leaf on a doormat(?) aren’t you the clever one. Always keeping me guessing.
    Have a wonderful day now that spring is HERE.

    • Susan – yeah, I know – probably a little much for breakfast reading 🙂 But this image really connected with me – something so poignant about that lone leaf. This was taken at the local community college, where I studied – my favorite interior “go-to” location when the weather is uncooperative. I took this from the second floor balcony, looking down on a doorway entrance. Yes, that is a doormat, providing the patterned background for our lonely leaf.

  3. Such a simple and beautiful image. I love her dramatic story! You do have a gift for words. I am glad to hear spring has arrived there, as winter has returned here. 😦

  4. Love the patterned texture, beautiful black and white image. Fabulous words and connection with the photo too.

  5. Adore this image, and the writing that bubbles up.

  6. This is pure poetry – all of it!! Terrific piece!

  7. Love this post so much, beautifully written and illustrated.

  8. What an amazing image…I just love it. And, the story you created – it’s very moving. All of it, extraordinary and compelling.

  9. Another bit of magic here, Brenda. Your post processing did amazing things to the image and made it truly worthy of the story you crafted to go along with it.

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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