The Tipping Point

A shadow’s reflection. The two joining to form a triangle, poised on its tip. Perfectly balanced, like a spinning top.

This is what I love about photography. This search for the temporary, the fleeting, the ephemeral. That moment in time when the light and the building interact in just this way. And I am there to capture it – right at the tipping point.

Each moment is different. The light changes; a cloud may pass in front of the sun. I walk in front of the building, instead of in back. I look left instead of right. So many things conspire to bring me to this perfect instant. To this particular image.

And the thing is, even if this image had never happened, there would have been another one to take its place. Some other unique combination of light and circumstance for me to capture.

Around every corner, there are photographs waiting to be created. Waiting for me to gather up the light and lines and textures and color, weaving them into a singular partnership.

This too is what I love about photography. That the possibilities are endless and ever-changing. That each moment holds within it a tipping point, that perfect balance from which a photograph is born.

Texture Tuesday Processing

The image was first converted to black and white in Adobe Camera Raw.

  • Run the CoffeeShop Storybook Vintage action
  • Process my Midtone Contrast action to bring out the textures
  • Add the Felecity texture, blend mode = Overlay
  • Increase contrast with a Levels adjustment
  • Add a vignette with the Quick Edge Burn action by Pioneer Woman


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  1. Stunning! Words and photograph! And, I’m right there with you as you describe the joy of photography – the endless possibilities and the ‘singular partnership’ created in a moment. Beautifully put. I think I’m going to grab my camera right now! Have a great day, Brenda. Cheers!

  2. ooo! nice graphic capture. not something I see very often out here and you did it so wonderfully! kudos! 🙂

  3. I continue to be amazed at your ability to see and capture fabulous graphic designs! It is a gift, which I know you have worked hard at developing. It would be fun to follow you around on a photo shoot.

  4. Right place, right time. No accident. I agree that one of the joys of photography is its endless variety. And the knowledge that if I miss a shot, there will always be the opportunity to capture another.

  5. Beautiful image and I love you words to accompany it. Capturing the fleeting is what I love about photography too – I love that you can never recreate a photo exactly because of this. Your texture work and processing are fantastic.

  6. This picture stops me in my tracks. Serendipitous, I’d say.

  7. This is what I love about photography too — you expressed it so well, Brenda! And what a fabulous image! Great processing!

  8. Love the end result and effect..the extraordinary abstract nature of this. Wonderful ‘graphic’ illustration!!!

  9. And you my friend have the knack for being there right AT the tipping point and recognizing that there is one. You are the master of shadow and line. I suppose I should give myself credit for having a pulse on the late day light, but I think the time gap there is a little more forgiving.
    Great image-and reference to “tipping point”.
    On another note, thanks so much for your kind comments on my grandmother post the other day. That was sort of a necessary one to write.

  10. That’s what I love about photography too. Love this shot.

  11. wowza. wowza. wowza.
    You did such a fine job with this! Pleasure to read your process, too, helps me to understand what’s possible…

  12. This is a truly mesmerizing photograph Brenda.
    So beautifully seen and captured!

  13. You are as much an artist with words as you are with photography. I especially enjoyed the sentence about gathering up the light and lines… Beautifully said!

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