Happiness is a Yellow Chair

Texture Tuesday Theme: Happiness

The yellow chair. Don’t you love such gifts of unexpected beauty? A surprising jolt of color on a gray winter day.

Happiness – joy, even – for the small things. The little details.

The first time I discovered this scene, I snapped a shot and moved on. It was cold, with a bitter wind blowing, and in my discomfort, I chose not to explore further.

But then, upon review of my images, I was struck by the simple charm of this setting and how it made me feel. Happy, that someone chose this bright yellow chair to grace this porch. That I had the ability to capture this humble composition and celebrate one of life’s tiny moments.

So, I went back. And looked again.

And was happy I did.

Texture Tuesday Processing

Wanting to highlight the “yellowness” of the chair, I chose to convert the images to black and white, except for the chair itself. I used the same process, detailed below, on each of the images.

  • Add Just Cause texture; desaturate. Blend mode = Divide; opacity = 70%
  • Convert image to black and white using a Gradient Map adjustment. On the adjustment mask, using black, paint the area of the chair so the color returns
  • Increase the saturation of the yellow with a Hue/Saturation adjustment, limiting the change to the chair area with a mask

Feb-14-Before Layers-Palette


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  1. Good morning…hope there are unexpected happy yellow chairs or other “things” that come your way today. I think the 2nd image is my favorite, but all are lovely. The lone chair, like leaf or person-is a wonderful sight to captured.
    Love seeing how you did your layers too. Happy Valentines my friend.

  2. Love this. I reminds me of a shot I took of a stripey deckchair sitting in a stone doorway. It looked really incongruous but I was drawn in for exactly the same reasons you were…..it just made me happy. Happy valentines. 🙂

  3. I think yellow is just a happy colour. Nice image, I like how you’ve just used colour for the chair. Very effective.

  4. I’m so glad you went back and took more pictures! This looks so lovely; a little bit of sunshine! I would love to be on that porch in that chair with a book!!

  5. Yellow is such a hopeful color! You’ve made a simple chair a bright star — how it lights up your images! Beautiful!

  6. Oh – I’m with you here. I love the simple charm..the color..how you’ve processed this to accentuate its beauty. So uplifting on a grey winter day!

  7. This is an excellent example of working the scene–finding several excellent yet different shots. Simple. Effective. Thank you.

  8. What a charmer, Brenda! Nothing like yellow on a grey day to bring good cheer. Thank you for noticing it, and sharing it so beautifully. You cheered me right up on this grey February day…

  9. I like that first image. There’s something delicately feminine about that yellow chair with its slim curvy legs. Or maybe I’m just imagining things.

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