Behind Closed Doors


Texture Tuesday Theme: OPEN

The door at 427 Fourth. One that begs to be opened. I am curious as to what lies beyond.

I know it’s not a very imaginative or unique interpretation of the theme. But I was struck by the way the morning sunlight fell across this entryway; the beautiful balanced symmetry of the attending columns; the rounded arch and golden brickwork. It looks like a place to call home, doesn’t it? An elegant, inviting portal into a world of warmth and comfort.

Do you imagine the lives lived behind closed doors? The dreams dreamed, hearts broken and mended, promises kept, tears and laughter shared. The light left on; the dinners warmed and coffee brewed.

The loneliness, the love; the anger and forgiveness. The important occasions marked and small moments shared.

All the stuff of life. An invitation to be open to it; to share it. Here, together.

Texture Tuesday Processing Steps

  • Run “Old West” action by Pioneer Woman Photography
  • Process midtone-contrast action to bring out the textures
  • Add WarmSun texture with blend mode set to Multiply. Mask the door with 75% gray

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette.

Layers-Palette Jan-17-Before


 Linking with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday


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  1. Love the symetry of the image and the light falling across it. Great use of texture. It is intriguing to imagine what goes on behind closed doors isn’t it? I think your texture has given it a lovely warmth that is missing in the original shot. Great job.

  2. How neat…it does make you wonder huh?

    Hope your day is blessed♥

  3. I often look at windows that way, great textured image.

  4. I agree that the added texture decreases the contrast and adds warmth and mystery. The diagonal line between the light and the dark symbolizes for me the door that separates the outer from the inner. It does make you wonder what or who is inside.

  5. Great processing, Brenda, resulting in a very nice shot. I do wonder and imagine what is behind doors, especially doors that are unusual or special in some way. “Behind Closed Doors” sounds like a great name for a photographic series.

  6. As stately as that front entry is, I’m wondering if the people who live there tolerate the daily clutter that seems, in the blink of an eye, to take over my abode. Or, maybe, they feel compelled to live up to the public image their front door presents.

  7. I think this is absolutely gorgeous Brenda!
    Your processing has added so much beauty to the already wonderful light in this image.

  8. Fascinating image with an air of mystery! That door has so much character, which is emphasized by your creative processing.

  9. What a beautiful rendition of such an elegant and graceful door. And – yes – I too often wonder about the life that happens on the other side of a door. So much possibility….:-)!

  10. Your texturing added a mysterious warmth and wonder to the photo. The way the light is striking the house number…as if illuminating and calling attention to it’s name adds personality. Nicely done!

  11. such a warm image Brenda and full of great textures to accentuate with more texture. I don’t oft wonder who lives behind doors. Maybe I should-tap into imagination. Perhaps I don’t because it’s to much like my job I disdain. I do find I’m drawn to doors, especially numbers, lettering on biz doors and small pieces like knobs and hinges. I know you get that.
    Starting the dig. imaging class tonight. Might need a nap to keep my brain sharp. I’ll email if I get stuck so you can bail me out.
    Have a great day my friend.


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