A Magical Collaboration


The email appeared in my inbox the week between Christmas and New Years Day. That special in-between time – twixt the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new. When thoughts turn both inward and outward – that time when I pondered what I hoped to create in the new year. And like magic, the universe answered.

The request was from Lisa Ahn, writer extraordinaire. She suggested that we collaborate on a joint artistic project: I would provide a photograph; she would write a short story based on the supplied image.

Me, provide the spark for her prodigious imagination and magical way with words? My images illustrate her quirky and spellbinding prose?

As you can imagine, my answer to this amazing offer was a resounding YES! And so, “Wing-Feather Fables” was born.

Twice each month, you will be treated to a modern-day fable. Lisa writes stories with a sense of wonder; tales full of secrets and hidden passageways. Her stories leave you wide-eyed with curiosity and in awe of her command of language.

If you aren’t a current fan of her blog, you should be. Her writings on motherhood, the creative process and the challenges of doing both are full of wisdom and hilarity.

In my wildest imaginings for 2012, I would never have summoned this wish – to join forces with Lisa and, together, create fairy tales.

I have struggled with fears that my photography was cold and lacked an emotional element that would connect with viewers. To know that Lisa sees something in my work, something that speaks to her artistic muse, is an incomparable gift. For my images to be the seed of her creativity is a precious responsibility, one that will inspire me in my photographic efforts.

The first fable will be published next week – you can read more about Wing-Feather Fables here or here. Lisa and I invite you to join us on this journey.


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  1. What a lovely collaboration. I’ve wondered how something like that would go, but have yet to approach anyone. I’ll be watching and reading with interest.

  2. WOW! This sounds fabulous, huge congratulations Brenda, what an exciting project. I really look forward to seeing your posts. I’m not familar with Lisa’s work but I’m about to go and check it out! I am so thrilled for you – and if I might add not at all surpised – that someone wants to use your photos as their artistic muse. They are a huge inspiration to me and I’m sure many others. Well done!

  3. I love collaborations and this sounds so interesting. Will definitely check it out. You have a unique style, Brenda, but cold and unemotional, are not words I would associate with it. Best of luck with this new venture. I see wonderful possibilities arising from it.

  4. Brenda, your images are precise, sometimes hard-edged and stark – but NOT cold or emotionless. I have found them moving from the first one I ever saw. While they may not be “emotional” they certainly spark emotion in the viewer. They whisper hints of stories I’d like to know, or remind me of stories of my own. I’m very happy to hear about this collaboration and excited to see what the two of you create together.

  5. Oh..this is so exciting!! Can’t wait to see where this collaboration leads. And – I’m heading over to Lisa’s site right now. The universe does open?!?!?

  6. Sounds like a wonderful collaboration, I can’t wait to see where this journey leads.

  7. Brenda,
    After reading such a lovely post, I think perhaps you should write the tales! Thanks for such lush praise; I hope I’ll live up to the inspiration of your photographs. They make my imagination sing and dance.
    hugs, lisa

  8. Brenda, congrats on your new gig! It sounds wonderful, and I will definitely be on the lookout for these posts.

  9. Brenda, I can’t wait to see the first one. What a lovely gift to the world for 2012. (oh, and, ps. I have never found your photos to be cold and without emotion. I find them powerful, strong, and evocative. I, too, am inspired by your work. Congratulations on this – how wonderful! And, Lisa, nice to meet you!

  10. Brenda, how fantastic! Looking forward to a treat twice each month!

  11. How exciting, Brenda! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to try something new — I can’t wait to to read the first chapter!

  12. Congrats Brenda. This should be a wonderful collaboration. You surely dont’ give yourself enough credit. Your images are stunning….I can’t wait to hear the fables that will go with.
    I just today started a collaborative blog with a “blogger buddy” I’ve connected with. Ours doesn’t have such a specific agenda, we’re sort of dipping our toes in and seeing how it will go and where it will lead.
    Best of luck with this, I’m sure it will be grand.
    I’m wondering if you started a new 365. I’ve been really going back and forth in my mind, and have decided to do a 7/52-it’s sort of my own made up thing, where I’ll produce 7 good shots each week. Lets me leave out the crappy days and feature the good days. We’ll see how it goes. It’s a goal, and that’s never a bad thing.
    Happy weekend my friend.

    • Susan,
      Yes, I decided to start again on January 1 with a new 365 project. I like the discipline and daily commitment – it works for me. But as we discussed, I am certainly going to allow myself the “off” day and count creative editing as a substitute for a new photo if things conspire to keep me from shooting something worth posting.

      I look forward to seeing what treasures your collaborative effort will unearth.

  13. A huge smile is on my face for you! Just this morning I was reading and thinking about serendipity/synchronicity…
    I’m looking forward to following along on your new adventure!

  14. what a fabulous opportunity! I can’t wait to see the collaboration between two creative minds.
    thanks for stopping by & commenting on my Scavenger Hunt Sunday post this morning.

  15. Oooh, this is so exciting! Looking forward to seeing what you create, and thinking is an auspicious beginning to 2012!

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