The Chorus Line

The chorus line.

Shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, they strut their stuff. Mesmerizing. Dazzling.

Whirs of motion. Sychronized, moving in perfect unison.

Each one unique. Yet together, part of the whole. Of something larger than themselves. Something greater than the sum of its parts.

Sparkles and sequins. Gold-spangled tuxedos. A tip of the hat. A twirl of the cane.

Ready for the finale, the curtain call. The applause. Their time in the hot glittering spotlight.

Supporting one another, encouraging one another. A community.

For to dance is to live. To live is to dance.

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  1. One! Singular’re running A Chorus Line songs through my head with this post. Love the repetition you found here and making the jump to a chorus line-brilliant. Happy day Brenda.

  2. I am calling by as a first time participant in The Creative Exchange, very clever words and photo composition.

  3. Brenda, I love. love. love this! I guess your post really speaks to me because I also adore dancing. The symmetry and the lines of your image create such beauty. Dance on, my friend!

  4. Yes – I can see them kicking up their heels in perfect chorus line synchronicity..and – of course – dancing!!!

  5. Beautiful. Fabulous image and your words complement it beautifully. Like Susan, I’ve got a chours line running though my head too!

  6. Fantastic! It does look like a chorus line< Great photo & words again.

  7. What a fabulous pairing of image and imagery! Your dancers up there even look like they are moving.

  8. Fantastic graphic quality Brenda, and such a perfect title for this one.
    Beautifully done!

    Thank you so much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great evening!


  9. And I’m right there with Susan, who commented earlier… that song is now going through my head, too! Fabulous image, Brenda.

  10. Beautiful image! Great analogy!

  11. Your image is topped only by the words you’ve chosen to go with it. Absolutely perfect!

  12. Gorgeous, have captured movement and dance and symmetry and beauty..and you have me tapping my toe, and humming a few bars! 🙂 That’s one beautiful photo!

  13. What a beautiful image and story!! Love it.

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