Architect of Beauty


I have always been fascinated by architecture, as both a feat of engineering and a tribute to our ability to mold the world into a space of our own choosing.

But it is when architecture incorporates beauty for beauty’s sake that my heart sings. When adornment and decoration are added, not for any practical or utilitarian purpose, but simply to bring joy and delight. To show us whimsy. To create a fusion of purpose and charm. To meld function with wonder. To create spaces that enfold us in enchantment.

I pass by this condominium complex each time I head downtown. And it was on my list of “things-I-must-photograph”. I finally took the time and made it the subject of my photo walk.

The geometry of triangles, squares, circles and rectangles. These elements interacting, forming compelling patterns. Sweeping curves. Abstract designs with a Southwestern twist. Stucco textures.

All “just because”. The building would stand without these adornments. It would harbor and protect; it would fulfill its purpose. And yet…

Unexpected beauty – such a gift. And so, I am thankful for our desire to incorporate small bits of splendour in our surroundings and daily lives.

Dedicated to the architects of beauty. In whatever form it takes.



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  1. So lovely to notice all these details & you’ve photographed them beautifully.

  2. know this post would speak to me as both an architect and photographer. What wonderful details on this building. Love how you’ve captured them…rendered them abstract!

  3. Wow, Brenda, these are amazing! It seems like this kind of detail is becoming a lost art, and it’s a shame. I’m a big fan of “just because” too.

  4. I also get so much pleasure in noting the details — beauty for beauty’s sake. You don’t often find it in today’s new buildings. You’ve captured some great images — the second one really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Brenda, you capture this beauty better than anyone else I’ve seen.

  6. Fascinating detail, which as usual you’ve captured beautifully. I too love architectural detail…the elements added just to please the eye.

  7. I love the phrase, “the architects of beauty”. I think that’s what I look for in writing — mine and others — those bits of “whimsy” that take the story onto a different plane.

  8. Wonderful images! Thanks for seeing and sharing.

  9. Brenda! You’re an architect of beauty with words and photographs. What a beautiful post.

  10. The texture & lines…wonderful!
    “To create spaces that enfold us in enchantment.”
    This line is amazing! I never thought of it in terms of a building, yet how true it is.
    Without ever putting it into words, this has been what I desire with each space I’ve lived in. I’m not a decorator…it doesn’t float my boat; however, I love spaces that enfold me…places of enchantment. My “space” has always been important to me. Thank you for a phrase that perfectly describes what I’ve never known how to say.

  11. These photographs are so perfect in black and white!
    Beautifully done!

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