Routine Gratitude


While I greatly enjoy the specialness of the holidays, the time with family and friends, I find that I am extremely grateful for my daily routine, the ordinary pattern of my days. There is a certain kind of beauty in the simple familiarity of each quiet moment.

Waking up, no alarm clock. Morning stretches. My breakfast of yogurt and Special K Vanilla Almond cereal. A walk on the treadmill, while watching the latest TV episode.

Checking in with my virtual art community; soaking in their creativity. My daily photo expedition. The thrill of discovery. My 365 project commitment.

The pleasures of a good book. After lunch, two (okay, maybe three) pieces of Dove dark chocolate. Homemade pineapple-orange sorbet for a mid-afternoon treat. Popcorn and a movie with my husband.

Working on graphic design projects for Nest. Editing my photographs. Uploading to Flickr. Experimenting with Photoshop, creating new artistic interpretations.

An image of a broken window, with a view through to another. Textured rusty siding. Vertical lines. Rectangles within rectangles. Playing with textures. That moment when it all comes together, into more than what it was.

These are my days. Commonplace. Ordinary.

And yet, for each, I am grateful. For the routine and rhythm. My tranquil melody.

Texture Tuesday Processing – Transforming Day into Night
The original image and Photoshop layers palette can be found below.

  • Make a copy of the original image and set blend mode to Soft Light for color pop
  • Run midtone contrast action
  • Add Autumn Burst Texture layer, blend mode=Subtract, Opacity=70%
  • Brighten the back windows using a targeted Levels adjustment via a mask
  • Darken the reflection in the front windows using a targeted Levels adjustment via a mask
  • On a 50% gray layer set to Overlay, use the Dodge tool to lighten highlighted areas

Nov-29-Before Layers-Palette


Linking to Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday


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  1. I love the warmth that the textures gave this image. Beautifully created.

  2. Beautiful use of texture, love how they have brought out the warm rusts contrasting with the blue. Love your words too. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely work. I appreciate the explanation.
    I, too, love my routine, ordinary days!

  4. I agree with you that the familiarity of simple, everyday things is so comforting…your photo is gorgeous and I truly appreciate that you’ve shared the steps. Have a good day!

  5. Your texturing on this is perfect…warm and inviting.
    I really like your phrase, “There is a certain kind of beauty in the simple familiarity of each quiet moment.” So true…the ordinary pattern of days when we are doing what we love is precious indeed. I think the break (holidays, travel, visitors…) in the pattern can refresh us and remind us.

  6. That’s what you started with? Really? Brenda, I’m so in awe of the potential you discover in your own photographs, the vision you bring out every time. Amazing!
    I’m also “in envy” of your routine! Ahh, one of these days….

  7. Thank you for this window into your world. I am happy to be part of your virtual art community, and more than a little jealous of the routine you describe.

  8. Love your processing.
    I’m always drawn to architecture.
    And doors and windows.
    This is perfect!

  9. Love the great geometrics here–very pleasing shot and very nice work in post

  10. It sounds like you have worked out a wonderful rhythm to your days. some people are so lost without the structure of work — seems like you don’t have that problem! Amazing transformation of the image!

  11. love old doors, windows, rust… beautiful texture processing and wonderful graphic arts images in your sidebar. thank you, karen {texture tuesdays}

  12. Oh..I so ‘get’ this. The simple routines..the things that we do daily that ground and center us. Yes – the holidays are wonderful..but this is so good!!!

  13. Oh – and did I mention that I love your post-processing resultant effect?!?!? Wonderful colors!

  14. There truly is so much “wonderfulness” in routine and ordinary.
    What a great post Brenda, and I love this photograph.

  15. Your processing turned this lovely composition into something special!

  16. I love this photo, wonderful textures and lines! I too enjoy my daily routine…my ordinary life!

  17. I’m with you- I think it’s great to look for reasons to be grateful in the everyday. I love what you’ve done to this photo! Your processing adds so much.

  18. What a beautiful post, Brenda. I felt better just reading about the joy and beauty of your routine and rhythm. And, I love your photograph, too. Amazing!

  19. So simple yet so beautifully presented. Love your processing! 🙂

  20. “There is a certain kind of beauty in the simple familiarity of each quiet moment.”
    I couldn’t agree more! I also love my routines, knowing where my minutes will (probably) go. I love Sunday mornings, reading on the couch in a patch of sun, with the kids playing and the puppy curled in a ball. Perfect, quiet moments.

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