The In-Between


Once upon a time…

…And they lived happily ever after.

The End

But what about the in-between?

There are impossible quests. And fire-breathing dragons. Prince Charmings. Evil queens. Love eternal. Seven dwarves and whistling while you work.

There is heartbreak and self-sacrifice. Sparkles and glitter. Thunderbolts. Malevolent witches. Mysterious keys and deadly apples.

There is joy. Battles, won and lost. Castles breached. Shoes that fit. Fancy balls and pumpkin coaches. A sword in a stone. Wheat spun to gold.

There are friendships. Journeys taken. Haunted forests and ladies-in-waiting. Magic and sorcery. Enchanted forests.

There are dreams. And kisses. A voyage to a new land. Fairy godmothers. Damsals in distress and ladies in the lake.

Myths, fairy tales, stories.

What are you writing into your time between the beginning and the end?

Written for The Creative Exchange 


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  1. Love this, it’s reminded me that I want to get back to writing more more but I seem to have lost my writing mojo. I’m inspired by blogs that weave such magical stories around their images and I hope to be able to do that someday soon.

  2. Thought provoking and beautiful words. My daughter is at the age where she is making up fairy stories and they are lovely to listen to – love how you’ve applied it to our everyday lives.
    By the way, I’ve nominated you for a blog award, details on my blog. 🙂

    • Becs,
      A little one making up fairy stories – what better inspiration is there for finding the magic in the everyday?
      And oh my, an award nomination – I don’t even know what to say? Except THANK YOU!

  3. Very true! I love the photo…and I guess there is a new show on tv called Once Upon A Time which is a modern take (drama of course) on fairy tales…

    • Emily,
      I must admit that the “Once” TV Show did play a small part in the inspiration for this post. Plus visiting an actual castle – this photo was taken at Toronto’s Casa Loma and the two just melded together in my head. Thank you so much for stopping by my “enchanted forest” – I do hope you will come by again.

  4. Such a good question for a Monday morning! I am trying to make the most of each day….now in my sixties, I realize I am in my last half of my life, and that perspective changes everything. One thing for sure, there is lots of work yet to be done in fixing our crazy world.

    • Gina,
      I have reached that double nickel milepost of 55 and am in the midst of creating a new retirement life. I want there to be magic before I reach “The End”. It does change the perspective, doesn’t it?

  5. Great post, hmmm ‘what am I writing?’. This moment I am writing to you, in the next moment I do not know. But it will be special. Hope you have a great one:)

  6. Beautiful image and thoughts today Brenda!

  7. you had me at the title and kept me in with the picture and story. nice. I too just started watching that show and really enjoy it.

    • Laura,
      It is amazing how much the stories from our childhoods continue to shape us as adults. I suppose because they represent what we all want in our “real” lives – magic!

  8. I am writing just as much as I can possibly fit in!!
    This is a wonderful image and beautiful post Brenda. I truly enjoyed reading it.

    Thank you so much for sharing your today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


    • Lisa,
      What else can we do but write the magic into each moment? As always, thank you for providing the Exchange as my creative writing home.

  9. This is super good and love the writing!

  10. Fun post! I was just over at Cathy’s admiring her swan photos. I hope you have some swimming in the moat around your magical castle!

  11. I will definitely let my swan swim in your moat!! Your castle image is beautiful! I love your POV!! Also, love those words, just a wonderful post!

    • Cathy,
      Thanks so much for the loan of your swans – much better to have swans in your moat than crocodiles and alligators! Casa Loma was an amazing place – made it easy to walk away with great shots.

  12. This is beautiful!! In between all of the fairy tales – there’s ‘real’ life! But then – I do so love to believe in magic!!!
    Terrific piece of writing and image to match.

    • Marcie,
      Coming from you, high praise indeed! And what are fairy tales but allegories and metaphors for “real life” – the challenges we face and the search for daily magic.

  13. Beautiful image and a thought-provoking question at the end!

  14. This image is stunning! It really captures the mood of your words. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Love it!! I’m constantly preoccupied with the in between — in life and writing. This is a great photo and story. 🙂

    • Lisa – the in-between – that’s where we write our stories, isn’t it? Where we determine the nature of our happy ending by the choices we make, here and now.

  16. Your words cause me to pause and ponder…you picture deepens my reflection. Thank you.

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