It’s the Little Things


Three bright green stripes and a window. Early morning. A small town in the middle of Illinois farm country, population 1,500.

It is so quiet here – only birdsong, the soft sigh of a breeze rustling through the corn rows, the occasional semi carrying its load along US Route 30. Train tracks lie in wait. Silver-sided silos gleam, reflecting rays of sunlight, sentinels standing guard against the sapphire sky. The morning mist slowly dissipates.

I walk slowly through the silence. Contemplative. Looking. Seeing. Searching for the details, the overlooked, the forgotten. Capturing a window; a mysterious opening that somehow contains a vast expanse of ocean; the far horizon; the rising sun. Another world.

Photography: it’s the little things.

Texture Tuesday Processing

My goal for this image was to enhance the appearance of the sun rising above a body of water inside the window glass.

  • Insert an image of an early morning sky. Re-size to fit the upper portion of the window glass. Overlay blend mode; 75% opacity.
  • Run the Pencil Sketch action; 75% opacity
  • Enhance the midtone contrast using a High-Pass filter
  • Increase overall contrast with a levels adjustment
  • Add the Portrait Texture, Darken blend mode

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  1. Captivating image, so many beautiful things at play here.

    • Kathryn,

      This is one of those images that didn’t reveal its complexity until I looked at it on the computer. It was then that I recognized the world within the glass. Don’t you love it when that happens? As always, thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. Wow! Your words and the image painted such a magical scene. Wonderful, creative processing –well done!

    • Gina,
      This is one of those photos that, somehow, became more than it was. I was attracted to it because of the colors – the paint of the frame was actually silver metallic – which I wasn’t very successful at capturing. But then I noticed how the glass resembled a horizon and water and a world within a frame was born. Don’t you love when that happens – that something becomes something else?

  3. Adding the pencil sketch filter to your photo was a brilliant idea!

    • Pat – I’m always afraid that I utilize this technique too often so your comment was very welcome. Actually, it is not the PS filter but a technique that I picked up from a Photoshop User Magazine tutorial. It involves a number of easy steps to create the look – I recorded them in an action so now I can easily test out the look on any photograph to see if it works. Sometimes you just need that extra definition of line to make an image pop.

  4. beautiful shots. love your words too!

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