Here Comes the Sun


I live in Canton, Ohio – Stark County seat and home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the McKinley National Monument and the First Ladies Historic Site .  Our local airport (CAK) is one of the fastest-growing in the country. Macy Gray, the O’Jays and Boz Scaggs all hail from Canton. We even have a Star Trek connection via Brannon Braga, screenwriter and producer of the TV series and movies, who is an alumni of Kent State Stark.

I’ve lived in this area all my life – it’s home.

What Canton is NOT known for is sunshine. On average, my little corner of the world experiences only 167 days of sunshine annually. Meaning that we Cantonians spend more than half our year under cloudy skies and without the cheering presence of the sun.

This fact may cause one to wonder why I pursue shadows as a primary subject of my photographic explorations. After all, a key ingredient in the creation of outdoor shadow images is, well… the sun. And since weather in Northeast Ohio is notorious for its fickle nature, this effort calls to mind tilting at windmills or other such romantically noble pursuits.

Or one could look at this as a “glass half full” situation.

So that’s what I’ll do. I’ll take advantage of our current record-breaking temps and long string of sunny days. And with this summertime gift, I will continue my intrepid search for shadows extraordinaire. The sun will be my partner in this endeavor and together we will paint shadow pictures – elusive images of light and shade.

And when the clouds come? I don’t know. But I trust that my camera and I will find inspiration from the softer light; that I will continue to see the world around me in this new way, with a photographer’s eye. And in so doing, new subjects will make themselves known to me.

Until then, shadows it is.

Texture Tuesday Recipe

What says “summertime” more than a kid and his bike? I really liked the graphic nature of this image; the post-processing steps primarily focused on bringing out the textures.

  • Processed my Midtone Contrast action to further enhance the texture of the concrete.
  • Increased the contrast with a Levels Adjustment
  • Added the Lifes Good Texture, Linear Burn blend mode, 75% opacity


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  1. Beautiful, I love it. Have fun shadow chasing.

  2. Fantastic shot and treatment !!!

  3. lovely image, the textures works well with it.

    • Cathy – thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my shadow image. I do appreciate comments – they really make a difference to me. I do hope you will come by again.

  4. Terrific photo! Love the texture work!!

    • I have had so much fun with my shadow pics. Thanks for taking a look and commenting – it means so much to me. Please do come back again.

  5. that is a great photo and texturizing

    • Lucy, thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my shadow pic. They remain my favorite subject. I do hope you will stop by again.

  6. You’ve certainly made the most of that elusive sun! Love the shadow shots!

    • Connie – I just hope that I will be as inspired on cloudy days! Thanks so much for coming along on my sun-filled (for the moment) ride.

  7. I love your shadow play – wonderful!

    • Pat – shadow play it is! I certainly have great fun when the sun cooperates. We shall see when those cloudy days become the norm. I hope you will stop by again.

  8. Wow! I am fascinated with this shadow painting! I love how you made a common object into an abstract work of art.

    • It has been a unique journey, following the sun, searching for shadows. Thanks so much for coming along for a little piece of it. I hope that you will come back again.

  9. This is beautiful! The texture works beautifully with it!

  10. Nice! Not so much of a challenge here in TX, but it could be fun chasing shadows for a change! Like your texture work, too, Brenda!

    • June – It is my duty to inform you that that shadow hunting is known to be exceedingly addictive. You have been warned! Thanks for stopping by and commenting – I hope you will stop by again.

  11. Very appealing image.
    Love the subject and the treatment.
    You’ve got yourself a niche there.

    • Really – you are more than welcome to join me here in my shadow niche. There is much fun to be had by all. Thanks so much for your comment – I do hope you will stop by again.

  12. Wow, I would totally miss the sun!!! I LOVE your shadow picture! It’s amazing!

    • Susan – well, we shall see what happens when cloudy days return to Canton and I no longer have shadows to chase. I just have to trust that something else will capture my photographic imagination. Comments mean the world to me – thanks for leaving yours. Do stop by again.

  13. This image looks like a painting — and I love what you say about your partnerships with the sun: “together we will paint shadow pictures”. Beautiful!

    • Lisa – yes, the sun and me – rather a strange partnership, as I am never sure when he will show up and perform his magic . But, regardless of the uncertanties, an association that has brought me great creative joy.

  14. Love, love, love the final result.

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