Puddle Dreams


“No one can lay a hand on our dreams.”

E.V. Lucas

Texture Tuesday Theme: Dream

My daily photo walk. Last night’s rain puddling on the asphalt, black as night. The reflection of the morning sun, sliced through by the ghostly vapor of a jet trail. An image taken. 

A view into another world – the world of imagination, of dreams, of creativity, of longing. Looking deep, into all that is not apparent, but only sensed, on the edge of my vision.

A seemingly mundane occurrence, these puddle reflections. Yet, each time I bring the camera to my eye, the transformation occurs; of the ordinary into something else. A piece of me, of my vision, of my sense of the beautiful. An expression of my creative dreams.

Perhaps not much in terms of a technically perfect capture.

But who knew that an entire galaxy could be contained within a puddle on asphalt?

How big are your dreams?   


 Post-processing Steps

  • Using the Clone Stamp tool, added additional “star-like” areas in the corners of the image on a separate layer 

  • Added the NASA space photo,  set to Overlay blend mode

  • Added the LifesGood texture, set to Soft Light blend mode, opacity at 50%

  • Added another texture layer, set to Darker Color blend mode which added texture to the sun highlights

  • Using a clipping mask to limit the effect of  this adjustment to only the layer below, modified the hue to a pink tone, adding color to the sun highlights

  • Increased overall contrast with a Levels adjustment


Note: The galaxy image was obtained from the NASA Image of the Day Gallery; a great resource for images of outer space.


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  1. A great photo to begin with and stellar processing! 🙂

    • Bonnie – “Stellar processing” – great pun, intended or not! I have a Flickr friend who takes fabulous shots of puddles – this was my ode to her successes with this subject. Wasn’t sure that it worked on its own but turning it into its own galaxy was a fun response to the “dream” theme. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love what you did with the image, beautifully processed.

    • Kathryn – I see we both looked toward the heavens for our dream interpretation image. Inspiration from on high – the sun, the moon, the stars!

  3. This is amazing and so original!

    • Pat – well the real thanks goes to NASA and the Hubble telescope for capturing the real thing! I just sorta borrowed the beauty of outer space and brought it down to earth.

  4. Stupendous! What an imagination you have! Great job!

    • Joy – the original photo just seemed to have the sci-fi look of an alien world – I just went with what the image was saying to me. Thanks so much for your feedback.

  5. Wow! Stunning! I love space pictures and what you’ve done with this is just remarkable!!

    • Jessica – for some reason, that final image from the first “Men in Black” movie kept coming to me – the one where we rapidly pan away from earth, through our solar system, through the Milky Way, rushing past millons of stars, only to find that our galaxy is contained within a marble of an alien being. The immense contained within the small.

      And if you like space pics – you have to check out the NASA site – stunning images!

  6. Beautiful work. It really does look like a galaxy! I like the original photo by itself, but the altered photo takes it to new levels!

    • Marilyn – I think we have NASA to thank for the “new level” – after all, the actual galaxy shot came from them – I simply borrowed it. With an amazing shot like that to work with, it’s hard to go wrong.

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