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Texture Tuesday Theme: Pink

On Friday evening, I lay in bed, worrying about how I was going to come up with an image to satisfy this week’s Texture Tuesday subject. (Yes, these are the types of things on which I ruminate while waiting for sleep.) After all, a theme had been declared; ergo, in order to participate, I needed to come up with a pink-themed photograph. Thus far, I had nothing even remotely on theme and no brilliant ideas for how to get there. It is likely that I could have found something suitable in my archives – pink flowers perhaps – but that solution didn’t really appeal to me.

And then, in the middle of my tossing and turning, a novel idea came to me. I could simply ignore the theme and post what I wanted. I could break the rules. I could throw caution to the wind and set out on my own path; march to the beat of my own drummer. Go ahead, pick your cliche – but you have to understand how revolutionary this thought process is for me.

By nature, I am a rule follower. I don’t like to make waves; I run from confrontation; I rarely question the status quo. I like routine; I create and follow itineraries; I make to-do lists and revel in completing them. I like order and organization and systems and discipline. But this time, I gave myself permission to ignore the rules.

The result? Pink columns!

The above image was taken inside the Heinz Memorial Chapel – a site that was NOT on the original itinerary during a recent mini-vacation in Pittsburgh. But having arrived early at the Carnegie Museum of Art, we were intrigued by the magnificant neo-Gothic architecture of the chapel and set off to explore. And what a delight! Columns, arches, stained glass windows. This side trip ended up being the photographic highlight of our trip.

But the real magic happened during post-processing.

While performing my normal RAW edits, I decided to adjust the white balance – the interior of the chapel had a tricky combination of natural and artificial light and my camera was set to “Auto White Balance” for this shot. As an experiment, I ran through all the white balance presets. When I hit the “Fluorescent” option, I was stunned – the image was transformed into a gorgeous sunset combination of pink, purple, rust and salmon. And while this modified image isn’t what I saw, it better communicates what I felt when viewing this glorious building.

And so, things have come full circle. Having given myself permission to rebel, having strayed from my original itinerary, having chosen the “wrong” white balance setting – I ended up with a pink photograph, one that satisfies the theme and yet, demonstrates in a clear way my unique vision.

There’s a lesson to be learned here – one about rules and rebellion; about stepping outside the box; about being brave. Next, you’ll find me wearing white shoes after Labor Day.

Here are the steps to finalize this image:

  • A levels adjustment to increase contrast
  • Golden texture, desaturated, Divide blend mode at 50% opacity

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  1. The image is stunning with the pink tones. Glad you thought outside the box on this one! I know how you feel. I’ve always been one who likes to follow the rules almost to a fault.

    • Deb,

      Perhaps we need to step just a tiny bit over the line and see how it feels. We can always jump back into “rule land”. As always, I greatly appreciate that you take the time to stop by and comment.

  2. Well that sure worked out for you!! How neat…

    Hope your day is blessed!

    • Susan – yes, my foray into rebellion had a rather satisfying ending. Thanks for sharing the experience with me.

  3. This is beautiful – it was the first photo that grabbed my eye when I opened Kim’s blog! Great work.

    You can see mine here:


    • Joy – thanks so much for your comment. Since the path to achieving that image was rather circuitous, I really appreciate knowing that it caught your eye.

      Thanks for your link – I left a comment about your fabulous pink. I hope that you will stop by again in the future.

  4. A simply beautiful and elegant example of what talented digital editing can do. Love it!!

    • Bonnie,

      Thanks so much for your kind comment. No one was more surprised than me as to the way this image turned out. That is the beauty of both photography and post-processing – it continually provides moments of wonderful serendipity, where everything comes together in unexpected ways.

      I do hope you will stop by again.

  5. LOL Brenda, good on you for ‘rebelling’. I especially like the idea that you did it with a photo of the inside of a church! I love the soft effect of the pink hues -I don’t find them irreverent in the slightest, rather I think I could make out a cherub or two hiding in the shadows 😀

    Glad you’re trusting your instincts more and more and openly accepting the gifts of serendipity. There are some people who remain rigid and controlling, and I think it shows in their work (and kind of frustrates me as I see what they’ve insisted upon as kinda average or ‘so much less’ than it could have been).

    • Carole,

      As always, I do so appreciate your insightful and supportive comments – you add to the conversation in such an insightful way. I doubt that my “rebellion” scores very highly on the defiance scale but it was a clarifying moment for me, nonetheless.

      And I like the thought of a couple of mischieveous pink cherubs smiling in the wings!

  6. Love the pink!!!! Just great…. 🙂

    • Linda – thanks so much! I’m kind of proud of this one – for how I got there and the final result. Next thing you know, I’ll be carrying a purse that doesn’t match my shoes.

  7. Amazing architectural detail:) Love the “pink glow” you created…looks like you captured rosy rays from a sunset! Beautiful effect:)

    • Leah – that was exactly my reaction when stumbling across this lighting effect – such wonderful sunset colors – I simply couldn’t resist just going with it. In my daily photo walks, I rarely get the opportunity to photograph architecture such as this – it was an amazing treat!

  8. Yay for breaking the rules and following your own creative impulses! (And I say this as a person for whom it is also difficult to break the rules.) Well done!

    • Corinna,

      Rule-Followers Unite! It is so good to have feedback from others who find rebellion difficult. Not that deciding to ignore the Texture Tuesday theme is a world-shaking act or anything. But I have found that it is often in the small decisions we make that our lives are transformed.

  9. How clever is that!?! I have to try this for some shots, you never know what is behind there:) The light looks really amazing, heavenly.

    • Henrietta – clever implies that I knew what I was doing 🙂 This was simply an experiment that yielded amazing results. But that’s one of the reasons that I wanted to share it with the TT group – something to add to the list of “things-I-should-try-during-post-processing “. It may only work on one image in a hundred but when it DOES work, how fun is that?

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting – please do stop by again.

  10. I know exactly what you mean about trying to dance to the beat of your own tune, I too was wracking my brains on how I was going to create something with a pink theme. Love this image, it’s one of my favorites and the light is magical.

    • Kathryn – but its good to be challenged, yes? I don’t always enjoy the process when I’m in the middle of it but it is all worth it when the result is so unexpected. Thanks for commenting.

  11. i totally enjoyed your post! i was getting so wrapped up in the whole pink thing too! i don’t know about you, but i think we rocked it!!

    • Deb – I think we rocked it as well 🙂 One of the great things about being challenged – sometimes the results are pretty darn sweet!

  12. I love your pink columns ~ excellent work and very original !!

    • Evelyn – this was just a great example of serendipity – just trying something to see what happens. Don’t you love that when it works?

  13. The pink adds warmth — love it!

    • Lisa – you know that feeling when it just all falls into place, as if by magic? This was one of those times. I am grateful for those times. They make up for the times when I can’t come up with a single phrase or image with an ounce of creativity.

  14. I’m playing catchup – so many blogs to see. I’m glad I didn’t miss yours! I like your pink columns – very original idea!

    • Pat – I’m very glad that you stopped by as well. There is no time limit 🙂 The pink columns were the result of some very lucky accidents and experiments. I’m glad to be able to share them with my TT friends. I do hope you will stop by in the future.

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