And Then There Were Three


an·thro·po·mor·phize  v.

ascribe human features or attribute human form, shape or behaviour
to a god, animal or inanimate object

Say hello to the rusty guys- buddies from the neighborhood who hang together on a daily basis, just passing the time, swapping stories of their youth, the ones they have told a hundred times. The jokes are always the same but they laugh anyway because its all about the conversation, the shared past, the friendship. About the young men they once were. The dreams they shared. The disappointments. The joys. The heartaches.  They may look a little worse for wear but they are still the same inside. Where it counts.

One of photography’s greatest gifts is that you see the world differently. And sometimes, that means creating characters with human attributes from what I see around me. To bring a certain whimsy, a sense of humor to the act of image-making. To create a story and engage the viewer in the fun. To bring a smile, a recognition of a shared punchline.

Texture Tuesday Theme: The number 3 

For this week’s creation, it was all about enhancing the rusty textures and really bringing out the urban beauty of this image.

  • Ran my Pencil Sketch action to bring out the edges. Color Burn blend mode, 50% opacity
  • LoveinLayers Texture, Linear Burn blend mode, 100% opacity
  • LoveinLayers Texture, Linear Burn blend mode, 20% opacity
  • Levels adjustment to heighten the contrast


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  1. I simply love these! how creative and fun!! I’m going to start trying to see the world that way!

    • Barb – I am a mere novice at seeing in this way. Sometimes I don’t see it until after I review the images at home. But it is such wonderful fun to realize that you have captured a character, something with personality that can brighten your images with another layer of meaning.

  2. A stunning image ~ I love the colours, textures and composition!! Thank you for showing us how you did it!!

    • Evelyn – thank you so much for stopping by today and commenting. I’m glad that you enjoyed my little character study. I am always grateful when others share the “how” of their work – it makes me very happy to share mine with all of you.

  3. Amazing. Love the texture!!

    Hope you have a blessed day!

    • Susan – thanks so much for adding your comment. These little guys had such great rusty colors and textures to begin with – I simply helped things along in order for them to stand out in all their decaying glory. I do hope you will stop by again.

  4. Very creative,great treatment

    • Lily – thanks so much! Sometimes it is a real surprise to see a character come to life through the lens. It was fun having the opportunity to share “the guys” with my Texture Tuesday friends.

  5. I’m a big fan of rust (for some reason!) in photos … and I love these three rusty ‘guys’! Am going to start looking for faces and smiles in everyday objects, also … wonderful. 🙂

    • Well, it’s easy to be a fan of rust – it has so much character and texture. It is really pretty amazing how quickly your eye will start to see the personalities around you. Have fun and share with me what you find.

  6. More fabulous images today!! I’m always curious to see what you come up with…the “boys” are wonderful:)

    • Leah – what a lovely compliment – to know that you look forward to my contributions. I really appreciate that you stop by each week. It was such fun to share the “boys” with my TT pals.

  7. Wonderful texture work!!

  8. Grunge-a-licious! You can’t beat a bit of rust …

    • Sue – oh, yes – I completely agree – a bit of rust is every so much fun. It really makes texture application a breeze. Please do stop by again!

  9. I deal with rusty discarded items daily and they are my favorite ~ The color rust is like none other. You’ve captured it’s essence so beautifully.

    • SooZeQue – since you are a “rusty” expert, I consider your compliment especially meaningful. Thanks so much for stopping by – please do come back again.

  10. Oooo — I love these images and the idea behind them. I think you’re right that photography — and art more generally — helps us see the world differently.

    • Lisa – I do love the characters that I find – they all seem so friendly and interesting. And they help me not take my “art” too seriously – to have a little fun with the process.

  11. oh my gosh, i love these guys! fabulous! there is nothing better than rust. except maybe coffee. your words are so true, i think artists in general see the world in wonderful, unique ways.
    well done! you made me smile!

    • Deb – I can’t ask for anything more than to make someone smile! I’m so glad that you enjoyed meeting “the guys”. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. These are wonderful! Love the “attributing” aspect. Thanks for opening my eyes to saying outloud “I see people here, don’t you?”

    • Renee – finding human form in unlikely places is fun but it is even more satisfying to share it with others who see in the same way. It is like a secret sisterhood. Welcome to the club!

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