Art Liberation


In a few days, this art piece will be on its way to Oregon as part of the “Liberate Your Art” postcard swap sponsored by Kat Sloma of Kat’s Eye View. From there, copies will be stamped, addressed and then liberated into the world, finding their way to five of my fellow swap participants. Over 1500 pieces of art will be launched through this effort. Sometime in July, five postcards from five different artists will arrive in my mailbox here in Ohio; small beacons of creativity from like-minded artists.

I like the idea of my art making its way randomly into the world. To perhaps brighten someone’s day; to be a tiny reminder of the daily beauty that surrounds us. So how do you create for someone you don’t know and haven’t yet met? You want this postcard to be something rather special and unique; something that captures a small piece of who you are as an artist; something that shares your creative vision with the future viewer.

I have been experimenting with using my photographs to play with reality and perspective; to create an alternate view of the world that will engage the viewer in wondering “is that real?”. The individual parts of this creation do physically exist – the arches, the sky – but the arrangement of those elements was purposefully transformed into a new combination. I like the way the arches appear to be both concave and convex, almost at the same time. And the way they appear to be floating in the sky. The strong symmetry of the composition and converging diagonals lead your eye into the center. Hopefully, this piece will draw you in because you wonder what is beyond that opening.

The arch image was simply duplicated and then flipped using the transform function. These layers were then aligned, centered  and merged. I then used a layer mask to paint out the areas where you see the sky, which was copied into the bottom layer.

Many thanks to Kat for being the creative force behind this swap. There is a lot of work that goes into managing an undertaking of this magnitude. Because of her generous spirit, art will shared around the world and new connections will be made. Who knows what good will come of this artful effort?


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  1. Ooo, I love the idea that art is a presentation of the question, “What is real?” Whenever I write, I’m always asking, “what if?” — which is why my writing tends to run towards magical realism.
    This picture is fabulous! And what a great idea for an art exchange. I can’t wait to hear what you get in the mail.
    ~ lisa

  2. i love what you’ve created~ beautiful, calm, pensive…
    i’m participating in the swap also – i hope yours finds it’s way to my mailbox!

    • Deb – so glad that you liked my swap creation. It is always a little scary when sending a new piece of art into the world. Will they like it? Will they feel it is a good return on their creative investment? Will it speak to them?

      I am looking forward to seeing what arrives in my mailbox and hearing from the participants who receive mine.

  3. Brenda,
    I love what you created for the swap!
    I also visited Gott Graphics and like the Illustrator face trace of Hannah & Adam, as well as the digital creations, Still Life, Yellow Pepper, Cracked & Urban Diagnol. I narrowed my list down for the sake of space.
    You are an inspiration.

    • Michelle,

      Thanks so much – you will get your copy soon. If you end up getting one as part of Kat’s swap as well, I will owe you another art piece to make up for the duplicate.

      Thanks as well for perusing my Gott Graphic portfolio – I’m glad you were able to find some favorites from my favorites.

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