Bubble Boy

Texture Tuesday Theme: People

As I have discussed here and here, taken people shots is not in my photographic repertoire. I like my subjects to be still – movement throws me off my “A” game.

Meet Elliot, grandson extraordinaire. Elliot rarely is still. Ergo, getting a good shot is a challenge.

He is now a big boy, having turned 2 in April. Unfortunately, Elliot lives in Illinois, an 8 hour road trip from his Mom-mom and Pop-pop here in Ohio. Which means that we soak up ever bit of our grandson time when it is available.

The above photo was taken over the Memorial Day holiday when his family visited for the weekend. His great-grandma Mabel bought him a bubble machine. This was an extremely popular activity, both in terms of bubble creation as well as bubble stomping, a game which involved making sure any bubble which made it to the ground was immediately squashed.

Because I am “people-challenged”, all my Elliot shots were taken in Auto mode – resulting in JPG instead of RAW files. I still opened the file in Adobe Camera Raw, tweaking the exposure and cropping the image. Below are the steps that I followed in post-processing:

  • Ran the Pencil Sketch action on a copy of the original image
  • Added the Portrait texture; blend mode set to Hard Light
  • Added a layer mask to the “Effects” group. With a soft brush, painted with light gray over the figure in order to lighten the effect on Elliot
  • Added the text, duplicating the layer. Set the blend mode of both text layers to Color Burn

Of course, Elliot is the greatest grandson in the history of the world.

Now, if he would just sit still.


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  1. This turned our really nice. The texture looks great and I love the look of his name on the photo.

    • Deb – thanks so much! People shots are a real challenge for me so it is extra gratifying to receive positive comments. Please do stop back again.

  2. love the textured effect – really cute photo too

    • Geri – thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you will stop by again in the future. It was a challenge for me to come up with a “people” photo that would work with a texture treatment – so I certainly appreciate the feedback.

  3. Great picture and texture. He appears to be glowing, luv it!

    • Elena – since he is the greatest grandson ever, a magical glowing effect is probably appropriate 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment – please do stop back again.

  4. Very sweet! Bubbles are so much fun! Love the name in the photo; very creative!

  5. I really love this photo Mom! It reminds me of how many times you were outside with Adam and I blowing bubbles!! 🙂
    You are very creative with your textures that you choose and your talent always shows in your work- you have a great eye for the perfect picture!
    Love Always,

  6. I love the texture in this photo. So creative!

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