Into Your Garden


Another round of Texture Tuesday! This week’s theme: Gardening

I see a pattern developing here. One week our theme was coffee – I don’t drink coffee – so extreme steps had to be taken in order for me to participate. A vintage theme had me scrambling for subject matter. And now we come to gardening. Another activity in which I do not take part, perhaps due to the fact that I kill any green thing put into my care. Yard work and gardening have never appealed to me. Perhaps it goes back to the days as a child when I was assigned the task of digging out the dandelions in the yard with a kitchen knife – ahh, sweet childhood memories!  

Don’t get me wrong – I love the results of someone else’s labor. A beautifully maintained yard or sumptous garden are well-appreciated by my photographer’s eye. But, because I am green-thumb-challenged, I had to seek out floral inspiration from the work of others. A quick turn around the neighborhood and voila: a flower celebration! I love the delicate pastel petals and the deep burgundy richness of the center of this flower. And the lime green star-like pattern peeking through which adds a bright contrast, further defining the flower’s shape.

The Photoshop processing for this image is rather subtle as you can see from the “before” image above. Quite a bit different than last week’s image but another example of the versatility of the “Divide” blend mode. Here are the steps to achieve this effect:

  • Added a soft posterized version of the original image; Darken blend mode at 50% opacity
  • Ran the Midtone Contrast action to bring back some sharpness to the center of the image; layer set to Overlay blend mode
  •  Added Kim’s Portrait texture; layer set to Divide blend mode at 50% opacity

You know – I really am okay with not having a talent for gardening. But I am so grateful to those of you who share your passion with the rest of us. And by so doing, I am able to build upon your creativity by capturing the beauty of your efforts. So thank you, for allowing me into your garden.


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  1. Beautiful texture work!!

  2. lol. I have a bit of a brown thumb myself. But boy did you score with this one. I don’t know what it is, but it is exquisite. Both before and after!

    • Well, along with the fact that I do not garden, I don’t know the names of many flowers either. I am just grateful for neighbors who plant flowers close enough to the road that I can get a macro without committing the crime of trespassing. Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment – I do hope you will stop by again.

  3. What an interesting shot- almost like a spider (help) but much more beautiful.

    • Jill – it does have a spidery quality – for some reason, the center reminded me of a group of ballet dancers. That’s the fun part of sharing like this – we get to see through each others eye’s. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I do hope you will stop back in the future.

  4. cool shot what an interesting flower

  5. Beautiful flower and terrific texture work!

  6. Beautiful image and thanks for the processing info!

    • Joyelle, the best thing about collaborations like Texture Tuesday is learning from each other – so you are very welcome for the processing information. My small way of giving back to artists like Kim who share so much with the rest of us. I appreciate so much that you stopped by and commented. I do hope you will stop by again.

  7. Brenda, your image is a stunning work of art. Thanks for posting the before and after pictures along with the tutorial. I’ve never used the ‘divide’ blend mode before, but will try it in the future.

    • Nikki – thanks so much for your comment. That is the best benefit of activities like Texture Tuesday – the opportunity to learn from each other. The “Divide” blend mode doesn’t work very often but when it does, it oftens provide stunning results. Please share what you come uo with. I hope you will stop back again.

  8. beautiful Brenda see you don’t even need to do the hard work to get a beautiful flower great stuff

  9. You may kill green things, but your absolutely brought this flower to life with your brilliant photography and texture work!

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