Magic Happens


In early January, I embarked on my second Project 365. And yes, even this early in the process, there have been missed days – days where life or the weather or my own lack of creativity meant no image for the day. And yet, the next day, camera in hand, I try again, working to incorporate this new-found gift as a daily practice in my life.

Sometimes, it seems like just another burden. It’s 5 pm and I still haven’t taken my daily photo. Outside, low storm clouds threaten. The light is flat and gray. I simply cannot face another walk around the block, trying to find something of interest to frame in my viewfinder. Instead, I walk around the house, searching for something, anything, that might make an interesting photograph, something that will allow me to fulfill this commitment that I have made to myself. At this point, that’s all it is – an obligation.

But then, my eyes light on the old-fashioned glass straw holder that my Mom gave me.  I take off the metal lid and look inside. The plastic drink straws make an interesting composition inside the cylinder of glass. A little twinge of excitement pings. I quickly set up a make-shift studio. I play with lighting and various compositions. I take out the straws, concentrating on the abstract nature of the glass and the way the light reflects and refracts along its curves. A burden no more, I am simply caught up in the creative process, experimenting, playing, seeing. In post-processing, I discover that the image has taken on new meanings – perhaps a scientific experiment or a snowflake as seen under the microscope. I tweak the colors, crop the image, and explore various effects.  And then it is complete. Today’s photo.

At this point, I understand the reasons why I have committed to making photography part of my daily life. Even on those days when I have to force myself to pick up the camera. It isn’t about whether the result is a fantastic or memorable image but rather the thrill within that quiet moment of discovery, when something new is seen. Because sometimes, magic does happen.


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  1. Terrific abstract, and I LOVE your point about the process of a 365. So many days I just have to let go and just make a picture… but some days I get lost in it (in a very good way). It’s a gift, this photo addiction.

  2. Excellent image! I have myself attempted the 365 many times, only to fail miserably during a busy period or depressive slump when I don’t even want to touch my camera.

    • Kris,
      For me, a 365 project is more about intent, about making a commitment to include photography in my life everyday. It hasn’t meant that I succeeded – in fact, there have been many days where I “failed” in the strict definition, when no photograph was produced. But the intention has remained and it has led to many good things in my life. My photography has improved greatly through (almost) daily practice.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. I appreciate it greatly. Please do stop by again.

  3. Wow! I found your site through the Cat’s Eye Writer blog contest. So beautiful! I love the images you create, and this post is . . . magic. Your description of how you feel about photography mirrors my own feelings about writing. Sometimes I have to drag myself to it, but it’s always worth it.

    • Lisa,

      Thank you – your words are so encouraging for me. When I started my blog, my intentions were more of a visual nature and I didn’t really think about what it would mean to write on a regular basis. There are many times when I wonder if words will come. And if the words will be meaningful to anyone except me. I now understand how precious comments are – to get that feedback that someone is out there listening. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate it very much.

  4. Hi Brenda,
    I know what you mean about wondering if you are just writing in a vacuum! It’s great to meet you and I was happy to comment. I posted your link on my FB and twitter as well. You have a great site.
    ~ lisa

    • Lisa,
      Please feel free to use any of my photographs on your site, to illustrate one of your posts, if I have anything that will work. I would be honored.

  5. Hi Brenda,
    Thanks to Lisa’s enthusiastic comment on Cat’s Eye Writer blog, I came here to check out your own blog. Am I EVER glad I did – your work is wonderful. I’m a big fan of the 365 project myself, but I’ve never completed a full year (yet).

    Glad to have found another blog I know I’ll enjoy. Love the title and logo too.


    • Carole,

      Welcome – so glad to have you aboard. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting – I appreciate it very much. As far as a 365 project, for me, it is the intention that is important; the fact that I have committed to making photography a daily practice. When I miss a day, I just move on to the next day when I do pick up my camera. So my advice to you is to just start – I think you will find it to be a great gift in your creative life.

  6. Brenda,
    Thank you so much for the offer to use your photographs! I feel like a kid in a candy store. I will definitely be back to take you up on the offer.
    ~ lisa

    • Don’t know if I have any candy that you can use but you are certainly welcome to sample to your heart’s content.

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