Okay, so I’ve told you about my penchant for photographing “street art”, right? Above are two examples from my “Street Art Series”: an oil rainbow and a smashed Vanilla coke can, both discovered on the street. While I talk about this photography habit as being “weird”, that’s really just my way of recognizing something that I thought was unique about my photographic vision.

So it was rather disconcerting for me to come across the following admonition in the chapter on aperture in Bryan Peterson’s book Understanding Digital Photography (page 48):

“If you want to try your hand at “easy” exposures…pay close attention to what lies on the street as you walk…It’s amazing what most people don’t even notice at their feet!”

This is found right below a photograph of a smashed Schweppes can lying on the street. On the next page, is a photo of a rainbow formed by leaking oil as it mixes with water.

Do you see a pattern here?

I thought I had created a unique point-of-view and chosen a compelling subject matter, something that was distinctive. I must admit – I liked how this made me slightly peculiar; maybe even a little edgy and creatively artistic. And I thought it was all mine.

And now I find out that my “street art” theme is an aperture study exercise that has probably been seen by hundreds of photographers who have read Peterson’s excellent book. Not to mention how many smashed can photographs have been taken in the name of aperture studies.

Instead of being unique, my theme is instead rather pedestrian.

Oh, well. It doesn’t really change the fact that I continue to find this subject fascinating and captivating. And that you will still be able to find me, eyes down, searching the street for that next photographic treasure. For me it is something more than an exercise; it is part of who I am as a photographer.


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  1. found you thru Kat’s postcard swap list.
    Love your photography. I take a lot of photos but I am not a pro. I do get a good shot every once in a while purely by accident. I love taking shots of unusual things and things that most people don’t even see. Although my photographs are not as good as yours

    • Marianne,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your compliments on my photographs. I have much to learn about photography. Like you, I have a great fondness for finding images that are unusual – it’s like a treasure hunt and a daily challenge to see something new in the world around me. I hope you will stop back again – no matter where you are in your exploration of photography, we can learn from one another.

  2. Don’t stop! You bring something to it beyond practicing aperture. Though I have to say, I want to take one of those oil rainbow pics! Gonna have to start looking for that!

    • Unfortunately for the environment, there are plenty of oil rainbows to go around. Just walk around like I do – with eyes to the ground. (Just look up every once in a while to avoid walking into telephone poles or other pedestrians)

  3. I love how you find such beauty in everyday things

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