Curve in the Road


There’s a sharp curve in the road ahead.

Today is my 55th birthday – that double-nickel milestone, one that millions of my fellow baby boomers will mark this year as well. A significant date for me – the one that allowed the pension papers to be submitted and a new early retirement lifestyle to begin come May 1. Part of me is overwhelmingly grateful for this opportunity; but with so much economic and political uncertainty, part of me is frightened that this decision will be the wrong one for our financial future. You know, the dreaded  “destitute-bag- lady” nightmare.

I can’t yet see around the bend in the road, to discern what lies ahead. What changes will this decision bring in my life, in the life of my family? What will I DO with all that free time at my disposal? Will I miss the job or the identity that I derive from being a professional “expert” in my field? Will I remain open to the new opportunities and learning experiences that will be placed in front of me? Will I be willing to take an intriguing side trip on this journey, to slow down the pace of my life?

Marcie Scudder, in her blog The Daily Practice, recently wrote a beautiful post about discovering that ”elusive balance” – about what we do

 “when the shoes that you’ve been wearing for so many longer fit? When the identifying labels and titles no longer define?”

I guess I will simply tie on these new shoes and set out on this new adventure. See what it brings, what beauty, joy and creative challenges await me around that bend. Why not? I will have nothing but time.

Join me, will you?


Posted on April 5, 2011, in Retirement and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Ahhh, April 5 baby! It’s my mom’s birthday too, so I have a special affinity for you lovely Aries. Hope you’re having a lovely day, and I’m so happy that you get to have a whole new opportunity to create the life you dream of. Mazel tov!

    • Corinna,

      Well, I am very happy to be sharing a birthday celebration with a woman as beautiful as your mom (from your photos of her I can tell that she is lovely inside and out).

      I AM having a rather lovely day – I appreciate your good wishes. I look forward to my view around the curve…

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