What is it?

As I have mentioned, my current photographic passion is macro and close-up photography. Like many of us, I began my photographic journey with a small point-and-shoot camera which didn’t allow me any direct control over depth-of-field. After upgrading to the Canon G11, I am now able to shoot in Aperture Priority mode and have an f/stop range of 2.8 to 8.0 – not what a DSLR can offer but amazing nonetheless compared to what I previously had available to me.

This capability has opened up a new world for me. I admit that I have likely moved over into obsession since 80-90% of what I shoot falls into this category. I know I need to explore other types of images. I do enjoy architecture as a subject  but on a daily basis the “small” subjects are more readily available. And they seem to speak to me. Searching for the next small thing slows me down, keeps me in the present moment.

The image above was taken as part of an assignment for my Advanced Digital Photography class. One of those happy accidents, I simply love the abstract nature of this image. A common household item, it takes on a completely different character when viewed from this perspective.

Can you guess what it is?

And what is your photographic obsession? Share a link in the comments.


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  1. Hey BK!

    I’m weighing in with my guess, for what it’s worth. I think this is an iron – you know, the household appliance LEAST used in my house. (although even my seldom used one is not nearly as sparkling clean as this one)

    Keep it coming!

    • Sorry, an excellent guess but so, so wrong.

      Hint: the pictured item belongs in the kitchen, not the laundry room. And the reason that it is so clean and sparkling: I took this photo at the mall so it is brand new and unused.

      You are welcome to try again. Unfortunately, the only prize that I can offer is your own personal satisfaction at getting the correct answer.

  2. I guessed cheese grater too – but it took a minute! Great shot!

    • Rebecca,

      Thanks for stopping by – I really appreciate your comments. I have a passion for abstract images – this was one of those lucky ones that turned out well.

      Congrats on your correct guess. Please do stop back.

    • Melissa,

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and for leaving a comment. Since I am new to the world of blogging, comments are very much appreciated. I am glad that you liked my attempt at an abstract image.

      Please do come again.

  3. I like it, it did also take me a minute or two to guess it was a grater, I also love macro, but haven’t done as much of them lately as I’d like.

    • Ahh…that is the beauty of these “what is it?” subjects. You need to provide a little bit of a challenge to the viewer – I like it when a photo makes us think twice about what we are seeing. This was one of those happy accidents when the subject became more than what it was.

      Thanks so much for stopping by – I hope you will come back.

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